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How often have you attend parties or dinners listening to beautiful and smart people having high level conversations you didn't get the first word? In this situation, you always wonder: "Boy am I that stupid or what?" Well, thanks to the test I offer you in this article, you won't have to wonder anywore. This is the opportunity of a life time: after answering the 16 items of that test, you will finally know for sure if you're just a bit slow, stupid or a total moron.


Of course, if you want the results to be accurate, you have to be honest and never cheat during the test. You can't ask your little sister, nor a monkey, nor an administrator for help and you are not allowed to look at the answers in the Uncyclopedia's articles. You also have to know that your time is limited. You only have 6 hours to answer the 16 questions and you cannot spend more than 30 seconds by question. Good luck.

edit 1 - Botany

Which item should not be on that list?

a)	Sphagnopsida
b)	Lycopodiophyta
c)	Hepatophyta
d)	Anthocerotophyta
e)	Bryopsida


edit 2 – History

What was the exact day of Abraham Lincoln’s birth?


edit 3 – Logic

Complete this sequence (be careful, to increase the difficulty, you cannot choose an item from a list):

Q – W – E – R – T - ?
A – Z – E – R – T - ? (in case some of you have AZERTY keyboards)


edit 4 – Common knowledge

In case of a leap year, what is the shortest month?

a)	February
b)	May
c)	August
d)	December

edit 5 – Mathematics

What should come after this sequence:

0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 - ?
a)	7
b)	8
c)	9
d)	10


edit 6 – Family riddle

“My Brother is the son of my grand-father, my sister is the aunt of my cousin and my uncle is the nephew of my mother. Who am I?”


edit 7 – Mathematics

How can you solve this equation adding only one match?


edit 8 – Mythology

“I go on four legs in the morning, two legs at mid-day and three legs in the evening”, who am I?


edit 9 – Leap year (again)

Anthony is 80 years old but he pretends he has just celebrated his 20th birthday. How is it possible?


edit 10 - Precognition

What will be the year of the end of the world?

a)	2012
b)	2054
c)	2079
d)	2111

edit 11 – Who should not be in that list?

a)	Socrates
b)	Kierkegaard
c)	Plato
d)	Pascal
e)	Justin Bieber

edit 12 – Logic

Complete this sequence: 官话 - 吳語 - 湘語 - 徽语 - 平话


edit 13 – Perception

Which of this circles is the most black?


edit 14 – Vision

Click in the box below and look at the image appearing for 30 seconds. Then click the other box below and answer the question.


edit 15 - Mathematics

What is the result of the operation 0/0?


edit 16 – Intuition

What will be your score at this test?


edit Results

edit You have more than 100 points

Not only are you stupid but you're also trying to make me believe you speak Chinese? So you are both stupid AND suffering from mythomania. Scary.

edit You have between 60 and 99 points

I'm not sure that you are stupid but I can tell you suck at math. It's totally impossible to get that kind of score unless you speak Chinese and it's not allowed. Try again.

edit You have between 30 and 59 points

Congratulations: you are stupid AND psychopath. So you are for sure the most dangerous breed for humanity. Have you ever considered suicide?

edit You have between 10 and 29 points

This is excellent! You can keep on living like a complete stupid human specimen and not being aware of it. Anyway what's the point of this explanation? You don’t even get a single word of it.

edit You have less than 10 points

Well, I guess you are ready to write some very good articles for Uncyclopedia. Congratulations.

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