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edit From Pee Review

wtf, i just sacrificed a night of sleep for this! --AmericanBastard 11:42, 14 December 2006 (UTC)

Not bad, all in all. Though you managed to step on one of my more prominent long toes: the Holocaust. I think that the references to Jews being burnt dead and/or alive in concentration camps by the Nazis are just stupid and not funny. That is a personal opinion, brought to you by someone who knows someone else whose grandfather actually saw a KZ lager from the inside, as a victim. For the rest it is fairly decent stuff. The "sun rock" concept is ... disconcerting. Just today, I read a totally unrelated article (on the daily WTF) in which the sun was described as "that great ball of glowing lava in the Reaally Big Room". Oh, and should you want to add a scientific angle, just hang on to either the four elements of the ancient Greek (water, earth, air, fire), or the later Phlogiston theory. Especially the latter is a piece of work. And Twin Peaks! How could I forget! You absolutely positively *must* include the famous "Fire walk with me" quote! -- di Mario 21:35, 14 December 2006 (UTC)

unfortunatly for you Mr.Bastard I read your teen angst article and decided that your jokes are incredibly funny. I myself am a blood sucking teenager and think you are evil. But cracking jokes like that just makes one look like an arrogant wanker as funny as they are sometimes they do also get a bit old when older people keep cracking them in hope that other people will find them funny. After all we are all human and you were a teenager too. Not saying that some dont deserve this being protentious idiots but what can you expect? teenage years are the hardest because we have no clue whats going on with our donkeys, our donkeys are going up and down and up and down our moods change alot too this you already know but you know that saying "treat your teenagers with respect" without us you guys will be nowhere you ungratfull son of a bitch. infact teenagers and children are the worlds leading people without us there would be no next 100 years with people. Yeah take that into account biatchhhhhhh. That's right i called you a biatchh WATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT ET? yeah you get back on your computer you nerd. and i called you nerd 2 INSULTS IN 1 MINUTE PWNNNEEDDDDDD. Anyway... You're old and most likely a pedophile because we think everyone older then us are pedophiles soo uhh yeah. ooopps way past my bedtime!

edit Further Seems Forever

LOL this article is even more funny for me because How To Start A Fire was a Further Seems Forever album --BieberAxeKiller (talk) 13:29, May 20, 2012 (UTC)

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