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edit From Pee Review

It appears that my article is a dead end. Which I completely agree. But anyways,bit of creative help would be nice. But please, don't be stupid. Thanks

Humour: 8 I laughed many times at this article.
Concept: 9 It was waiting to be done. And you did it. Congrats on doing it right.
Prose and formatting: 9 The serious tone of the article provides perfect counterpoint to the ridiculously trivial concept.
Images: 4 As you most likely know, there are none. I would suggest a picture of a guy on fire (photoshopped or real, just not disgusting) and saying "he just got burned."
Miscellaneous: 10 I love the article, and I added a link to an article I wrote myself (don't worry, it's relevant). Hope that's alright.
Final Score: 40 Top notch article writing, friend. Add a few images, and you might have a feature. The only thing I would suggest is a lead-out, instead of ending on the tail of the Omega Insult section. Also, by dead end, it is meant that you should add more links. Just put brackets around random words. Cheerio.
Reviewer: Ljlego 18:40, 4 March 2007 (UTC)
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