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edit Needs Expansion

This Howto needs some serious attention, it only covers one of the two options available to an average Linux noob.

0: Try to become a leet H/\><00R right away, fail, go insane, give up and post in a bitter twisted sour grapes fashion on Linux fans sites about how Linux is teh suck.

1: Start with an easy distro setup via an installfest, eventually completing your metamorphosis into a raving Linux bigot. Develop an unhealthy aversion to sunlight and buy a double barreled shotgun just in case Window$ Billy Boy Gates or Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms happens to turn up at your house one dark night while posting psychologically defensive intellectualized gibberish on Linux UG listserver email groups about the world; relieved only with a smattering of OT HomeLand Security tracked antisocial political posts).

2: Boot someone else's Live CD at a conference and swiftly add it to your resume; just like every other average human being does.

NOTE: Unencyclopidia not responsible for loss of sanity caused by coasterising multiple CDs trying to get this to work, if CD burning fails to work repeatedly try sacrificing a black cockerel to the great volcano god. if this is to messy wait for the full moon then try again.

edit (FACT ALERT) Use Wubi

Wubi is a great little installer that does two things: installs Ubuntu without having to burn a disc or mount a virtual drive, and installs it within your Windows partition using the power of the .disk file so you don't have to partition shit. Just let it do its thing (be careful if you use 32-bit Windows, it defaults to 64-bit Ubuntu!), and it automatically configures the Windows bootloader to allow dual-booting into Ubuntu. The install directory is driveletterhere:\ubuntu, and to access the Windows partition from within Ubuntu, go to the /host directory. Physically seperate drives can be accessed like normal. (Install does require at least 5GB (20-30GB recommended) for the main "partition" plus 2GB for the swap "parition", so don't point it at an overflowing drive. And don't try using cd /host/ubuntu unless you want to divide by zero.) -- 18:30, January 20, 2011 (UTC)

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