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Hilarious!-- GsFXcz DerangedDingo 00:28, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

Best featured article in a while.


But perhaps, more accurately:

  1. Find freezer
  2. Drop freezer drawer on self
  3. Give up. Then focus really hard on staying awake. Replace freezer paraphinalia
  4. Find ovenable foodstuff
  5. Find oven
  6. Turn on oven
  7. Insert said foodstuff
  8. Fall asleep fully clothed in the most uncomfortable position imaginable
  9. ...
  10. Awake
  11. Eat charcol-ed foodstuff from oven tray
  12. Discover oven was turned off by housemate (of good sense, sober mind and fearing fire) several hours ago
  13. Leave cold, charcol-ed foodstuff on lap
  14. Sleep

edit From Pee Review

Humour: 9 Hilarious. I loved it.
Concept: 10 Utter genious!
Prose and formatting: 9 Pretty much perfect.
Images: 7 I personally would have liked to see some pictures of the guy cooking while drunk. The current pictures compliment the article, though.
Miscellaneous: 10 I wanted to go to bed with this article. I LOVE it!
Final Score: 45 You don't need this Pee Review - Your article has already been featured and praised by the big writers. But I think this article is brilliant and, as a 13 year old writer with 2 articles, praise it in the highest way. Congratulations!
Reviewer: Ikabu 08:34, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
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