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edit Formerly in the article itself

This article was written in Romanian in original, but because it's damn funny I will try to translate it, since I'm not sure I'll do such a good job I will do a parallel translation. I changed some parts of it in order to be more funny. Also I fucked up the grammar so right now it is a mockery of the English language. Good

(another poster) I speak English as my first language; I have enough understanding of Romanian to further translate this into English that sounds like an English speaker wrote it. Also, it needs to be funnier, so I'm just going to edit the fuck out of it to make it sound like an Uncyclopedia article.

edit Administration

This was sporked from another website. It has an interwiki link that should show up in Other Languages in the sidebar. Beyond that, advertisements for an external website are advertising and do not belong in one of our content spaces.

I have deleted the foreign-language version. This is an English-language website and articles are designed to be funny to readers in the English-speaking world. Urban misbehavior is hardly unique to Bucharest, the humor is trite and this article barely meets our guidelines for notability.

I have also deleted the copyright notice. As you will have read, any submission here is governed by our terms (basically, sharable provided the sharer indicates who wrote it). If that's a problem, contact me. Spıke Radiomicrophone14:13 30-Oct-15

edit Reader comments

This a very funny page. Whoever did it please add more and please translate it. I hate translating stuff.
if anybody feels like helping please do! Darcken 07:54, 27 Dec 2005 (UTC)

It is more or less funny I untherstand romanian ... delete it and bomb Bucarest

You cannot condemn a page just because you hate Bucharest. I hate Bucharest too, that is why I make fun of it. I translated all of it but the gramar is still messed up. I will try to make it better.

Darcken 06:51, 2 Jan 2006 (UTC)

How do you become a model bucurestian if you have no car?? Varkolak, 11.11.06

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