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Dude, every dude (and yes, chicks are dudes too) knows that the only way to live through life is to take it easy, man. So I have taken upon myself to explain to you just how to take it easy, man.


Mellow out man!

Dude, just chill out, man

Well dude, you just gotta start with chilling out, man. Like, you can't be all stressed and shit, cause how the fuck are you supposed to take it easy when you are spazzing out, man? So like, just forget about all the stressful shit in your life dude, and then you will be chill, man.

Get some dank ass, piffy piffy, good shit maan

everyone knows stoners are the most chillaxed people, man. so hit dat shit + exhale all your worries and stresses dude! if you eat enough munchies you'll get fatter, which is all the more reason to toke up mann! cos then you can be even more laid back!

Dude, no worries, man

There is no reason to fucking worry about responsibilities and shit, man. So dude, just don't worry about them, and you'll be truly chill dude. And man, don't worry about getting laid, it'll happen if you take it easy enough, man.

One Cool Fish!

Dude, I'm just chillin!

Dude, get some aviators, man

It is fucking impossible to take it easy without Aviator sunglasses, man. How the fuck are you supposed to take it easy when there is bright shit shining into your eyes, man?!?! So wear the chillest sunglasses out there, dude, aviators.

Dude, now you're ready, man

Dude, i am happy to tell you that you are now ready to take it easy, man.

So man, just take it easy, dude.

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