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Its 10:12 (UTC) on a Wednesday The test is tommorow. If you want to do well on a test, it is very important that you study the proper way. Scientists have shown a correlation of the test scores to the number of hours studied. But who wants to study 8 hours for a stupid history exam? How can you better manage your time? This article will guide you through the proper technique and study habits so that you can spend less time studying and more time partying/screwing around.

edit What type of pencil do you have?

The pencil one has is the first thing one must consider before studying for a test. Cheap #2 wood pencils are unsuitable for tests with long essays, as they get dull and smudge easily. Mechanical pencils are better, not only because they never have to be sharpened, but they have a convenient compartment for storing, I don't know, contraband?

edit Make sure it's sharp!

A dull pencil is an unhappy pencil. Make your pencils happy by running them through the pencil sharpener a few times until they are sharp enough to cut paper like an exacto blade. If you have a mechanical pencil, please check to see if there's lead. Everyone hates it when someone goes around begging for lead when he should be asking for graphite instead.

edit Take a break from masturbating

As fun as it may be, whacking it will not help you study. It may help you study your playboy, but certainly not your physics, unless by "physics" you mean the equation: Failed to parse (lexing error): Σwank=Fapp+Visual

edit Have you read the book yet?

"What book? Oh that one. Nope. Didn't read it. Heard it was good" If that sounds like you, depending on the amount of time you have, get the sparknotes.

edit Do you have enough paper?

Paper is crucial. While this book is primary in importance, the medium on which it is written upon is undoubtedly paper (unless that "medium" is Uncyclopedia). For studying any subject that requires lots of memorization, get lots of notecards. For serious studying, get paper that hasn't been treated with bleach or other chemicals as they can seriously impede with your "studying".

edit Does anybody need to go to the restroom?

edit The Bribe

edit The Subject

The subject a test will be on is of the utmost importance when it comes to studying for that test. For example, if you have a Spanish test, logically you should study from your Spanish notes. But what if you are no good at Spanish? Simple. Just study for your Spanish test by going over your chemistry notes! It's still studying for a test, isn't it? Sure, it might be a little awkward knowing your electron shell configurations and not your conjugations of estar, but in the end, who cares? You still studied for a test!

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