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Girl smelling farts

Girl smelling the delicious pungent aroma of her farts and shedding tears of over-satisfaction

Let's admit it. We all love the smell of our own farts. But society says it's disgusting! So the first step of this tutorial is to say SCREW SOCIETY!!! Why should the rest of the world stop you from smelling your mouthwatering farts, even in public? It shouldn't! So sit back and read this guide on How To Smell Your Own Farts.

If You're Walking Outside in Public Edit

The best thing to do here is to act confident. Don't act shy even if there are a lot of people around. If you have to fart, stick your hand deep into your pants, fart as hard as you can as you cup it with your hand, and quickly bring it to your nose and sniff like you mean it. People will stare at you for a short period but they will ultimately have more respect for you if you actually show some enthusiasm over just trying to hide it but get a small whiff. If anyone has a problem with it, just declare BS on them because they haven't tried it themselves. After all, if you never tried something you like, how would you know you wouldn't like it? Also, if you're walking right next to someone, don't let this hinder your actions. Now be sure to give it your all next time you're walking on the streets of wherever.

If You're in a Store Edit

This is where you can get a bit interesting. You have more options here than just cupping your farts. You can also use objects to help catch the scent and also preserve it as a surprise for someone else. Here you can fart on anything, but rather than farting through the pants you're currently wearing, you can go ahead and kick it up a notch and pull down your pants and underwear to fart directly on whatever you want! Just be sure to not act embarrassed if someone sees you. Even offer them to sniff the item if you want. Remember, confidence equals respect. A way you can share your delicious farts with someone else is to go to the section with the birthday and Christmas cards or whatever they're called and open one up, fart in it, close it, and put it on between the handle and the side of someone else's shopping cart and then they'll open it and get a delightful surprise! You can also walk up to a distracted person's shopping cart and fart on one of their items and put it where they can best see it and then when they get close, surprise!

If you're in a restaurant Edit

Whether you're on a date,with your family or alone, there's not much difference here than before. Just be sure to act confident as usual, even if other people get pissed off. Feel free to fart on your food or your towel/napkin and use it as a condiment.