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“Thanks to this, CBS aired my infomercial of an water-proof towel!”

Are you a pointless loser who just broke out of an asylum? Do you have nothing to do with your time and want to annoy people? Do you want to tell people about a thing you saw during a hallucination after smoking pot? The way to do all these things and more is by making an infomercial.

But not any loser can get an infomercial. Companies get showered with thousands of infomercial requests every day, most of which are submitted by things with the brain of autistic shovels. You want to gain an edge over the other idiots, right? Sending in a piece of paper with a doodle of the product and your name is not the way to get an edge. So read this (or get someone else to read it to you) and you're on your way to going on TV.

Step 1: Getting an Idea for a Product

An infomercial advertises a product, so first you need to think of a pointless, stupid, illogical product that doesn't work. Smoking pot and writing down what you see is a proven way to think of something. Remember a product in an infomercial must:

  • make everyone get their crayons and helmets
  • make stupid people cough bret cough eat poop
  • get retards attention
  • turn prostitutes on

Another method is taking that test with the inkblots and making a product with the shape of the inkblot. But perhaps the best way of making a new product is the Generator Method. You have to find a random word generator on the Internet, string the words that come up together, and think of something that does those things. For instance, you might get the words "burnt", "soft", and "eraser", and voila! You got your product. And for retards who just can't think of something, no matter how many joints they smoke, renaming someone else's product is always an option.


When stealing someone else's product, always say that the product is "patented". This will convince people who know that it's stolen is really original.


Step 2: Layout of Your Infomercial

1.) Walk into the room smiling and your birthday suit.

2.) Ask the retards if they're tired of a certain mental problem(s). (Optional: A bunch of people say Yes.)

3.) Say, "Well now your troubles are over, because you can have ___!

4.) Show "demonstrations" of it which are really cheesy clips you got from the hangover, while ranting on about how it is "on a boat" and "solves all your problems in your wanting times".

5.) Make wild claims about its ability to turn you on, and how it is "completely attractive".

6.) Lie and tell the audience that "untold poop buckets" of people have used it and loved it. Then show your grandma (to appeal to your feminine side), your sister (to appeal to little boys), and a whore (to appeal to men and provide prostitution between broadcasts), and pay them all 20 bucks to say that your product is great. (Optional: Dress up in a birthday suit and adopt a foriegn kid. You are now Dr. like a boss, Ph.D, and you can tell the audience that this product was proved in no tests conducted by retards to be awesome.)

7.) Say that its a dashing day in your moms jeans.

8.) Exclaim "there is a cricket in me britches!" and tell them that if you call in the next 20 minutes, you'll get a useless crinket for free from this ladies britches.

9.) Repeat over and over again about its cheapness, and show some random 911 number.

10.) Double, Triple, then Quadruple the children if called in the next 5-10 minutes for "Free".

11.) End by saying "jesus had a cow and named it mary!" and grin creepily.

10wheelcar a

Get this for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling!


Our product does this too! Only $19.95!

Step 3: Getting a Channel to Broadcast It


If the CEO accepts your idea, have the infomercial already made. Infomercials can be made easily by nerds you know, and they'll make it for little. Also, CEOs will like it more since they don't have to pay for filming it, no matter how low its quality.

This is the hardest part of the infomercial process. Don't send your idea in a letter or other indirect ways. Go straight to the CEO's office, bribe the secretary to say that the meeting was scheduled, go right up to him, and start talking. Once you have broken through the wall that separates the CEO from the outside world, you have to convince him to broadcast it. If you are rich, bribes are the easiest ways to convince him. There also might be a chance that the CEO is as dumb as you, and doesn't need convincing to broadcast it. But if you aren't rich, and he isn't dumb, there is one surefire way: you hire a prostitute, and offer her to the CEO for free. The possibility of someone else paying for a whore will surely convince him. OR YOU could personally help him out with his sexual desires ;)

Step 4: The Result

Well, you've succeeded. Now you just tell everyone you know to watch it, and you're famous. You have the distinction of annoying thousands of people with a shitty infomercial. Chances are that 20 retards will actually order your product. Now you ship them a piece of Silly Putty, and you collect your money. Who knows? Maybe you'll grow rich off the thousands of idiots in the world.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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