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Skirts and Egg-Hats are an important wardrobe consideration for your Sci Fi movie.

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Come on you know you have seen one. The classic giant (insert bug) that had chemical wastes spilt on it and then goes on a killing spree. The movie where it looks like you could make a better version of. Well, this article will tell you how to do just that.

edit Your Creature

Your monster, the big cheese (you could make a Sci Fi movie out of that one!), the star of your movie needs to be chosen first. To do this walk outside and look around, the first creature you see will be your creature. For a more unique creature once you find your first creature look for another and combine them. Your creature will have one weakness, whether it is the weak spot where something can pierce into it or something generic like loud noise.

edit Your Actors

Your actor has to be special as in no one has ever seen them in a past movie unless it was another Sci Fi movie. Then you need the following;

edit The Hero

The Hero is the one who kills the creature. Who gets The Babe. And acts unaware of what happened soon after he kills the creature. Your hero needs to be the "New guy in town", he came to fill a new job like a cop or something. He isn't special, he isn't apart of the B.C.A.T. (Big Creature Assault Team), he isn't a woman.

edit The Babe

The Babe is the hot chick in the movie that also had an average life and met The Hero by serving him coffee or is his partner in his job. She will be a big assistance in defeating the creature, she might even do the final blow in which case she needs to say something to the creature like "just die bitch" or "you are one ugly..." Or she may be the biggest pain in The Hero's side. In most cases she will be frequently captured and The Hero has to save her.

edit The Discoverer

The Discoverer in most cases The Discoverer is a scientist who created The Creature and either sets it free or assists it in killing people. The Discoverer may also be a miner who found the creature deep in the earth or an astronaut who picked it up on another planet.

edit The Scientist's Assistant

If The Discoverer is a scientist he will have an assistant. This assistant won't like what they created and will assist The Hero by telling him how to defeat The Creature by telling its weakness or the only soft spot on its body where you have to stick something in to kill it. If The Scientist's Assistant is a woman she may be The Babe.

edit The Black Guy

The Black Guy will want to kill The Creature as if his life depended on it. Now if he is a bad ass he will greatly assist The Hero in killing the creature. If he pretends to be a bad ass he will still want to kill the creature but he will be loud and obnoxious about it and will be the second most hated character in the movie and will die early in the movie.

edit The Screaming Chick

The Screaming Chick is the most hated character in the movie. She screams and will stand there as the creature looks at her usually in the way of The Hero who wants to kill it. Most of the time she doesn't die even though everyone wants her to.

edit The Government

The Government will want to use the creature for war and doesn't want The Hero killing it. At the end they will try to cover up what happened and The Hero says that he won't let them. In some cases the government will try to kill The Hero.

edit The Innocent

The Innocent is a typical average joe. The Innocent are The Creatures main diet. Most Sci Fi movies have many Innocent die before the hero comes in and kills The Creature. The Innocent are never babies. Most are men, some women, and rarely an old lady for laughs.

edit Putting it Together

So now you have your creature and actors. First you NEED to show a flash of the creature and some people getting killed by the creature in the first 3 minuets of your movie. Then you will introduce your character and how he fits in. Then he will see the babe. They will find out what is happening and meet up with The Black Guy, The Screaming Chick, and or The Scientist's Assistant. They will then try to kill it. They Fail. They find out its weakness and kill it and some times with it The Discoverer. The Government will be grateful but will act suspicious about it.

edit The End?

The end will seem happy, The Hero and The Babe will be together. Everyone and everything is back to normal. BUT the creature will do the following; open its eyes or twitch showing its alive, there is a large egg, appear frequently in The Hero's dreams, ect.. Even if you don't make a sequel a The End? is vital.

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