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Hotlines are usually red, because they are red hot.

A Hotline is a line at a high temperature, usually a communication line to an important service, such as 911. In some locales, one must dial 911 by dialing 311 or 1-800. Other services are Poison Control, Suicide Hotline, and the Hotline Hotline. These hotlines must always be open on the phone lines and it is usually a serious crime to ring them up merely to order a pizza.

Hotline can also refer to the following:

edit Entertainment

  • Hotline Miami, an indie game famous for stimulating heavily-violent gameplay.
  • Hotline Bling, a song by Drake (the rapper, not the white guitarist from the Nick sitcom).
  • A Phone Sex service.

edit Politics

  • A direct line to the KGB in Russia. It heated up during the Cold War, but today it is used mostly for the occasional prank call.
  • The consumption of a line of cocaine immediately before doing something important, especially in politics. For example, "the Gentleman from Kentucky and I did a hot line before we marked up the budget."
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