Horse Racing Manager 3 Deluxe Edition

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edit Introduction

Horse Racing Manager 3 Deluxe Edition was the first game from the makers at Tom Studios. The fact that it was the third in the series, even though the first and the second never existed, confused everyone and destroyed an already terrible plot. Many put it down to an illness the head of the company was suffering at the time (for more info see Parasitic brain painfullness). Unfortunately for Tom Studios, it was the first in a line of unsuccessful games.

edit The Game

In the game, you play the lovable character Florian who attempts to win horse races to pay off his gambling and drug debts. Your first horse has been sold to a slaughter house given away to a loving family so you have to build up your horse racing empire from scratch in an epic expert topographers have called "not very good but better than that one with the fish".

edit Other Games

Tom Studios created several other titles which also failed. However, the surplus in unsold material was perfect for starting fires in the cold power failure of 1999 so the company made enough money to continue game production. Other titles include:

  • The Legend of Helga - (deluxe edition comes with extended itinerary including 12-inch knitting needle projectiles, a bus pass and 12 different varieties of cake)
  • Grand Theft Auto - Pokemon edition
  • Harp Hero
  • Tom Studios won the Medal of Honour series in a lottery. They created a few games but found the previous MOH games difficult to emulate.
  • Border Guard
  • Cabbage Tycoon
  • Soybean Tycoon
  • The Crazy Adventures of Jake and Hitzlespurger
Legend of Helga

Legend of Helga

Harp Hero

Harp Hero


MOH Baghdad

Border Guard

Border Guard


Company of Heroes: The Bogandy Campaign

edit Failed Games

On the left are a few of the titles which lost Tom Studios a lot of money and investors.

edit The Future

Tom Studios Ltd was swapped for a Mars Bar in 2003, effectively ending the company as we know it. Today, the transformed company sells tobacco and small children and if you watch the new release of Horse Racing Manager 3 Super Deluxe Edition, you may notice subversive tobacco ads. As for Tom, he currently resides in Bloomfields Mental Institution.

edit Contact Us

If you wish to contact Tom Studios, please write to the following address:


Waterloo Station,

Secret hiding place,

Under the stairs

Alternatively you can visit us personally. Come with no one.

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