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“Denial? De big river in Egypt? Never heard of it....”
~ Winston Churchill on Holocaust Tycoon
“In Soviet Russia, Jews kill YOU!!!!”
~ Stalin on Holocaust Tycoon

Holocaust Tycoon is a simulation computer game, released for Windows XP in 2006. It was developed by Ka-tzetnik Enterprises in Berlin, and later released throughout Europe by WN Software. In Holocaust Tycoon, the player must successfully manage a camp, without going bankrupt, whilst avoiding the attention of invading Allied Forces.



Holocaust Tycoon in its early development.

The player begins with an empty plot of land, levelled and ready for development. In the early stages of the game, the player will build his camp, adding huts, arranging for political opponents, enemy aliens, specific ethnic or religious groups to be transported in, and the construction of torture chambers. As with most games of this genre the early development is the most important stage, as the structure of the camp is crucial to its survival. Controversially, players are encouraged to cram as many people into huts, to heighten profit (refered to in-game as 'death toll').

Eventually, as the camp develops, more options become availiable. For example, the player must then negotiate contracts with various loyal companies, such as gas providers and freight rail companies. The object of this game is to build an organised and brutal camp, allowing your Commandant promotion whilst gaining the love and appreciation of his Führer.

The actions of the prisoners further increases the difficulty of gameplay. For example, Gypsies con guards out of their weapons and cast blood curses on them, while Poles have difficulty understanding simple orders and Americans are fat and lazy. Jewish prisoners are notoriously difficult to deal with. Not only do they have a habit of paying off camp guards with smuggled diamonds, but if kept too close to Christian children, they will kill them and drink their blood. Plagues generally start in the Jewish quarters. One exception to this is the disabling plague "Homosexuality", which homosexuals spread to others races (including the guards) via "recruiting".

Although primarily a strategy game, the game contains a few action-oriented "mission sequences". Verlassen Verboten! is a first-person shooter in which the player must prevent camp residents from climbing the fence or tunneling. In Trash Day, the player must keep the disposal units running under an increasingly heavy stream of biological waste.


Punters form an orderly queue to acquire Concentrated Orange Jews. Just one mug contains 100% of a punter's recommended daily intake of Zyklon B. From Uncle Auschwitz!


These are the basic units in the original Holocaust tycoon.

  • Führer: The player's character. You can modify the face, but not the moustache. Oh no, not the moustache. Anything but...
  • Prisoners: Cannot be created, only imported. For 50 Reichmarks a prisoner can be converted into a "weasel". He can be told apart from the other prisoners by the fact that he is wearing 18 golden watches and 4 pairs of shoes.
  • SA-forces - cost: 100. Normal soldier units, and your main camp defenders. The SA forces have the Goose-step ability which gives them +50% moving speed.
  • SS-forces - cost: 500. Better than SA-forces. Special power: can turn your enemies to your allies.
  • Furnace truck - cost: 2000. Fast truck with a furnace mounted on the roof. Burns your enemy.
  • Gas Chamber bomb - cost: 5000. Drops a big gas chamber on your enemies.
  • Executor - cost: 50. Basic unit, armed with a luger. Special power: May evolve if supplied with a Leaf Stone.
  • Doctor - cost: 200. Doctors are very important special units that can perform various scientific experiments. With a doctor, you can create new poisons and chemical weapons just by sacrificing a few prisoners for the the testing.
  • ÜberDöppelFührer - cost: 6000 Can duplicate units with moustaches.

Success and Expansion

Over time, a camp may develop and expand according to economic factors and the development of new industries or medical breakthroughs.

These include:

  • Mauthausen Wafflehouse Franchise
  • Flame grilled Frankfurters and Hamburgers
  • Concentrated Orange Jews – See Lemonade Tycoon
  • Dr Mengele’s House of Death – See Hospital Tycoon
  • Eichmann's Train o' Fun
  • Uncle adolf's Jew Fizz and Furtilizer Emporium
  • Herr Doktor's un-scented Soap on a Rope


During the 2006 Tournaments Siegfried Mengele (grandson of) surprised his foes by using a doctor-boom. The idea of a doctor-boom is to have a small army which eventually leads to a few prisoners escaping, but is cheap enough to have plenty money for doctors and have access to cruel biological weaponry quickly. A more commonly used strategy is the one called “Arbeit macht Geld” in which the destruction of Jewish prisoners is held off as long as possible. Instead they are used to drain money by scamming other prisoners, after which the money is confiscated in exchange for a longer lifespan.

Holocaust Tycoon: Siberia Teaches

Due to the success of the original game, an expansion pack was released in February, 2006. It was called Holocaust Tycoon: Siberia Teaches. In it, the player has to establish a camp in the heart of the motherland (The Soviet Union). The expansion pack has received poor reviews due to its extreme difficulty, a Gamespot reviewer wrote "Fucking DIRTY SANCHEZ, this game is bollocks! The prisoners freeze to death every time!"

The expansion also included some new gameplay including: political prisoners (they give a very big score but are hard to obtain), 3 new first-person shooter maps ("For the motherland!!!", "Who called Stalin evil?" and The "capitalists are escaping!") and the ability to expose prisoners to the national hymn of the Soviet Union (like gas chamber but faster). To complicate matters, camps must remain highly productive at all times, and Stalin must take none of the blame. While peasants and factory workers may be worked to death in your mines, other prisoner types such as aerospace engineers must be kept comfortable while still being forced to work under threat of death.

At the end of the game's lengthy campaign, the player will receive an invitation to Stalin's office. Stalin then orders the player to be eliminated due to "lack of efficiency". Nobody knows what were the people at Ka-tzetnik Enterprises thinking, but he refuses to tell anyone else, although God is currently looking into the matter.

Technical Specification


  • Turing machine
  • 2450 MHz Enigma® processor
  • RAM: 1024MB DDR2 Memory or GDR Equivalent
  • 250 GB of lebensraum; invading Poland recommended to obtain extra space. (problems may occur)
  • 1 X or higher Sick Mind


Super VGA video display with 6 million colours, DirectX® 1942 (included).

As inmates are killed off, the number of remaining colours will dwindle until the game becomes monochrome.

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