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This is what I drank. Berr!

when I started dfrinking, i thought of creating this page, but I thought it's be pretty stoopid. now that I've drank a fair bit... I've serrided that it'd be pretty awesome. that was meant to be awesome, i mean 'decided' back there, where i wrote 'serrided', buyt i couldn't bve fucked fixing it.n m Shhhhhhhhhhhhheit. now that we have that \

edit ckleRED UP

I JUST THOUGHT I'D MENTION HOW COOL I AM. SEE, I',M WRITING IN CAPS. = OH YEA. okay, that's ma bit better. later, I might even add images to this, to make it funnyier, but I can't really thinkg of any...

Beer Emotions

heyyy! look, the onbe of the lft has a facwe! wait, they both doo!

whoo, there's an image. I couldn't believe I actua;y got that uop while iom drfunk. wait, no, that wasn't a pun.] i wasn't talk9ing about sex. no im not drunk.

edit does this many headins create contenst?

no really, does it?

You've not been to Durness unless you've seen The Five Finger Spread executed by a master.

edit othre klinks?


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