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Holby is a city in south-west England, close to and on the other side of the Welsh border and exists on both sides of the River Severn simultaneously. This is because due to Quantum Superposition, it exists as a Wave Function both in England and wales. It was discovered when CERN collided the two cites, Bristol and Cardiff simultaneously on both the old and new Severn Bridges. It exists in the English County of Wyvern, which existence people are still trying to prove. The county and the city both do not exist on Ordnance Survey maps.

Physicists believe this may be because it exists in curled up dimensions which are not observable in everyday 4D Spacetime. This is still yet to be proven.

edit Most Dangerous Place in UK

Holby has the highest occurrence of physical injury, disease, illness and major/freek accidents anywhere in the world. The city has suffered an aircrash, a motorway pile up, and numerous hospital fires.

Charlie Fairhead, a doctor at the E.D. at Holby City Hospital, on of two hospital in the city, the other being St James's, stated "If a meteorite were to strike anywhere in the world but Russia, then it will come down here in Holby.

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