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“I brake my back working on hoes all day. In fact, i'm well known for the effort I put into my hoes.”
~ a farmer on hoes
“Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!”
~ Santa Claus on hoes.
“Since you put yourself on my dick, I put my nuts on your chin...”
~ Eazy-E on hoes
“Ya know, it's like they say: Pimpin' ain't easy, but somebody gotta do it homie”
~ Snoop Dogg on hoes

I think u've got a phobia


This is not a Hoe.

This term for a long handled gardening tool can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker.

What's a Hoe?

Sorry, it's actually a rake, but this article is about Hoe's.

“"In Soviet Russia, Hoe owns YOU!"”

edit Pimpin' Hoe's

A hoe is a very useful tool to use. Hoes are distributed around the town by Pimps (People Increasing the Management of Plants Society). Hoes are usually found in New York City or Amsterdam, also known as the "Fun Town". If your corn stalks are not firmly inserted into your garden hole a hoe might be a good thing to get especially if you are bored of your garden hole.


The great ancestor of Snoop Esterdogaty.

edit The History of Pimping

Hoes originated in Canada in the year 1832 when a man named Snoop Esterdogaty decided he wanted to let others enjoy his hoes and enjoy the feeling of freshly-made holes. So Snoop started crusing around town selling his hoes. Every one enjoyed the hoes so much, Snoop's tools were spread all across the country. Snoop's great grandson later founded the company PIMP.inc. locky snoop easterdogatys father was the biggest motha fucking P>I>M>P

edit How to use a hoe

To use a hoe you must grasp it gently rub it back and forth on your garden....or jungle. If a hoe gives you a problem, give it a pimp slap. This will make sure the hoe's head is on straight. If all else fails, simply "Superman dat hoe."

edit What are hoes?

Most hoes are girls, however there are also man hoes. Also there are mystery hoes and surprise hoes. These are widely avoided and branded as fags since they are 90% just gay guys that want male attention. The other 10% you know are perfectly straight.

edit Bros Before Hoes Rule

It is a rule that bros always come before hoes, as illustrated by the Sardini-Crews principal:

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to Hoe.

\int_{0}^{slut}Girl < Bros

This is supplemented by the Smith Corollary:

\lim_{x \to awesome}Bros = \infty

edit Male Hoe

Hoe stands for HOmo-Erotic when it involes a male. Sometimes a male hoe wishes to be a female hoe.

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