Many people of today's, young, young, world, love to listen to something call "Rock n' Roll." This "Rock n" Roll" has had a long history. This article is about everything from classical to today.


The classical era was the root of music itself. Without it there would be no music at all. This part of the article has some of the roots and seeds of Rock.

Bachity Bach Edit

Born 21 of March, 1685. He was a German Music guy who composed stuff and played the organ. He was probably the best of most classical guys. He composed stuff for choir and violins...and....cellos..and.......yeah. He was cool. He was also very smart, and although he was not as geniusy as Mozart and Beetoven he was still really smart. You can see that hundreds of new artist's music was actually inspired by him. He also came from a long line of musician and such. Like his big daddy Johann Ambrosius Bach. That name is pretty cool.


Mote's Art Edit

His full name was Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart and he was kick-ass. From an early age was feeling the music within him and he was a total genius so he could just play the notes he heard in his head. His actual baptist name was Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart but that's pretty long. He composed some peices that are still listened to even today. His middle name is actually an 80s song as well.

220px-Wolfgang-amadeus-mozart 1

Bee in t' oven Edit


Ludwig Van Beethoven

He is my home doggy dog. Yes. Even though his name is Ludwig. He was good, as in he could play the piano before he lost all his hearing. He was also a german composer like Bach. He made a lot of music that is actually popular today. Like in movies and stuff. Also he is one of the only people who you can ask any random person who he as and they could tell you he was a musician.

1920s Edit

The next step in rock n' roll was the 20s, or the jazz age. Lots of blues and other rock centered music find their roots in this decade. There was one extremely famous jazz man who played at this area and he influenced the world. He had a crazy personality and a crazy jazz style.

Louis Armstrong Edit

Not to be confused with Neil Armstong, Louie was the jazz man. He practically invented it, and the people loved him and his crazy brass trumpet. He was born August 4, 1901 and died July 6, 1971, when he was 69. During his later years he sang, but he is more widely known for his trumpeting jazz. In his earlier career he had a band the All Stars, which was pretty good. He was also call satchmo, short for satchelmouth, for his raspy and crazy voice. His death of a heartattack was a minor setback for his later career on Mars.

30s Edit

The 30s were a time when people began to change their old and more orthodox views of life and began to open them selves for a different kind of life. This is also the decade that stareted the music called swing.

Swing Edit

Swing is a jazzy type of music that has a more upbeat tempo. It was one of the things that you can still hear in british rock mostly today, even though swing started in America. Swing is a also known as a dance, that is danced to the type of music. The different names of swing are lindy hop, charleston, balboa, blues, and swing is where the term shag came from. One of the more interesting types of dances, blues, is a dance where the partners improvise, and have no special pattern. They focus on connection and sensuality.


The 40s were just like a transition period. Like......the 5th Harry Potter book. You know, no one actually does anything, everything is just set up for the next decade or book. Yeah so basically, what I'm trying to say, is that the 40s kinda sucked. Yeah I mean, for 5 years you have like the worst war ever ended with the creation of the biggest bad ass of all weapons. Then the other 5 years were just celebrating the end of the war. I mena, what the hell? The 40s just fuckin' sucked. There were just 3 good musician who played at the time: Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, and Duke Ellington.

Frank SinatraEdit

Frank Sinatra was a pretty cool guy, despite his living in the 1940s. He was born December 12, 1915, and died when he was 82, on May 14, 1998 of a massive hamster attack. He wasn't my kinda musician though. He wrote more swingin happy songs, I mean he had a good voice, but he was kinda the Mr. Rogers of the 40s. He didn't have the blues, like Miles Davis. Sure, Sinatra was jazzy, but Miles Davis had his beautiful voice, with the harmonous sound of the blues.

Miles Davis Edit


Miles Dewey Davis III

:Born May 26, 1926 and died 28th of Sempetember 1991. Now he was pretty cool. He was jazzy and bluesy making the pionneering and irresistible sounds of early rock. He overdeveloped jazz in many different ways, making some of the original blues sounds. Also, another cool little thing about him was that his father was a dentist. His most famous album, Kind of Blue was a smash hit, and introduced the swingin' population to a more bluesy type of jazz, one of the biggest roots of Rock n' Roll. According to Rolling Stone magezine, Miles is 88th of top 100 artists of all time. In my book, he's more like 32nd. Although his last decade was not the greatest, he did eventually purify his music in the end.


Now, everybody knows the birth of rock 'n roll happened in the 50s. Also however the birth of blues happened. Now there were two great amazing artists during that time, Elvis and Muddy Waters. Elvis is credited to the original rocker, but Muddy Waters was the father of The sweet sugary blues. Under my standards Muddy was probably the 7th best artist of all time, and Elvis the 22nd. But thats just me. Other artists were around that time such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Louis.

Elvis Presley Edit


Impeach Elvis

:Elvis was a great musician. He invented Rock and he also created a style known as rockabilly. He had charisma and flair. He looked good on stage, he was had great showmanship and he could move his hips in ways no other man would have thought possible. He was also a drug addict and he would show it. He was born January 8th, 1935, and died August 16th, 1977. His middle name was Aron, but on his birth certificate it was spelled Aaron. He named his middle named after his brother Garon, who died on impact. I mean birth. He also was the star of more than a few movies, I think like 56. During the 50s he reigned as King but when the 60s came along, the beatles, Doors, Stones, Janis Joplin, and other acid induced band began to evolve.

Muddy Waters Edit


Muddy Waters, probably the greatest blues artist ever

:He was born April 4th, 1913 as Mckinley Morganfield, and died April 30th, 1983 as Muddy Wtaers, the greatest blues artis ever. He was born in Mississippi, in Issaquena county. He told people later that he was born in 1915, but that's probably cause he was on some crazy trip or something. He started out as a harmonicaist, or whatever the word is for someone who plays the harmonica, only later to pick up the guitar. His mother died in 1918, and so his grandmother raised him. He picked up the guitar at seventeen, and played at parties, having a style close to Robert Johnson and Son House. In 1941 he began his career and recorded with Alan Lomax, in Muddy's house. He made the album, Down on Stovall's Plantation, on the Testament label. In 1945 Waters got his first electric guitar, and recorded some songs that weren't released in 1946. In 1948, Muddy made it big with "I can't be satisfied" and "I feel like going home." He also is the person who "invented electricity", and is not always given credit. INstead this fatso Benjamin Franklin guy say he did it. I mean they didn't even have electric guitars back then. Did they? Well, Waters kept playing even through the 70s, and he became the best of the best, who could play the hardest types of blues.

“It's going to be years and years before most people realize how great he was to American music.”
~ B.B. King on Muddy Waters

60s Edit

If the 50s were like a seed sprouting for rock, the 60s were when that seed grew into like a bamboo tree. You know, cause bamboo trees grow fast. Anyway, the 60s were a time when people could have sex with strangers for any random reason, Lsd and other psychedelic drugs were invented, and hippies made good classical rock. It was a pretty awesome time. Creativity and blues were thriving. This section is pretty big so if you happen to die from lack of food while reading this article, we have a disclamer.

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Pop Music BeginafiesEdit

This decade is when "pop" originated. This type of music just means that the artist played the type of music that was favorable to the audience at the time. There are 2 artists in this section now, Bob Dylan and The Beatles. They both are terrible musicians, one focusing on lyrics, and one on catchy and stylish tunes. The Beatles are more remembered, but Bob Dylan was preeeeeeeety famous even today for song like Blowin In the Wind and Like a Rolling Stone. He was a beast at harmonica. They're both not worth listening to.