History of Rex Morgan, M.D. (1980-1989)

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This article is about the history of Rex Morgan, M.D.

edit 1980

Rex Morgan went to have lunch. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger comes to the office to talk to June.

edit 1981

Rex Morgan finishes his lunch and starts back to the office. June identifies the stranger as her cousin Joe and asks him why he's at the office. Joe says that he's hurt his knee.

edit 1982

Rex Morgan returns to the office. Joe reveals that he doesn't have health insurance.

edit 1983

The events of the previous three years are recapped.

edit 1984-1985

Rex Morgan describes what an MRI is. Joe and June ask questions.

edit 1986

Rex Morgan examines the results of the MRI.

edit 1987

June asks Rex what the results of the MRI was. Rex makes oddly-worded statements that don't have a clear meaning.

edit 1988

Rex and June have a discussion of how great MRIs are.

edit 1989

Rex and June talk about where to go for dinner.

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