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Hilary Duff
0303 hilary duff a
Date of birth: September 28, 1987
Date of death: February 27, 2135
Death location: Gutter
Height: 5'6 or like 5'10 or like whateverrrr!
Other name(s): Jigglypuff, Biatch
Official site: http://www.hilaryduff.com/
Implants: Hotly debated
Spouse: WTF
“Like, who cares dude?”
~ Hilary Duff on everything
“Her Lyrics are pure poetry, they just make me cry”
~ Oscar Wilde on Hilary Duff
“Yeah I hit that once, then she woke up and started talking so I left.”
~ Roman Polanski on rape
“Will someone shut her up!”
~ The General Popualtion on Hillary Duff
“Why not...SHUT THE FUCK UP!”
~ Lewis Black on Hilary Duff

Hilary Clinton Duff Beer[1] (born September 28, 1965, or, like, 1998 or 1987 or whatever, who cares) is, like, totally an American actress, death metal singer, former jailbait, and a whore (though she's not as much of a whore as Miley Cyrus is). After gaining prominence in the television show "Lizzie McGaywad," she has since so totally gone onto a film career, with roles in mainstream porno pictures such as Cheaper by the Dozen, and independent films such as Material Girls, dude. Like, Duff also has made great contributions to the field of Tonal Architecture, totally a subfield of enchanting. Word!

God himself, in a recent interview with Time Magazine, when asked about Hilary Duff stated "She ain't one of mine. No way is that "In My Image".[2][3]

It is also said that Hilary wears dentures from the various old men she has dated.[4]

Hilary has herself stated in a recent interview with "omgilovehilary" magazine that she does, in fact, ride matresses to Narnia but due to running over and killing several bears and injuring the lion she has been banned and had her license revoked. It is said that Hilary had evolved from the Pokemon called Jigglypuff as seen by her singing.

edit Biography

Wait. Why is there a paragraph called "biography" if the whole thing is a biography? This is stupid.

edit Early Unlife and Career


Hilary, when the moon is full and the nights are long, transforms into a fairy godmother---from hell!!!

Duff was born in the great state of Texas and don't forget it motherfucker! She is the seventh child of the seventh child and is often considered a witch, because her alcoholic mother/manager/sister/fug buddy has bad skin and her father practises in the dark arts. She herself played Wendy in the z movie Casper Meets Wendy in which she appeared as a female prostitute. She has an elder sister, Haylie Duff, who is also a witch and is currently hiding in the Himalayas. At the ages of eight and six, respectively, the Duff sisters participated in the summoning of the God of destruction, The Nutcracker|The Nutcracker Suite with Columbus BalletMet in the fiery pits of hell, Texas. The siblings became more enthusiastic about the idea of choosing witchcraft as a profession, and eventually relocated to California with their mother. Duff's father stayed at the family home in Houston hanging from the rafters. After several years of alchemy and cackling lessons, the Duff sisters cast various [television commercials for the new witchcraft business. (Also referred to as Lizzie McGuire) Hilary Duff is available for all summonings, spells, etc. open at all hours. Her hobbies include speaking to vegetables such as squash, dressing as a man, screwing horses, cows, and other livestock, long walks on the beach, doing acid, worshipping some guy named Hades, totally being like a punk rocker or something like, getting wasted with hobbits, eating live sushi and playing Parcheesi. She is a scientific marvel, her vagina having more lifeforms than any petri dish. She has seventeen children, each donated to Disney to help churn out yet more teeny-bop white trash. At the age of 13 she met her real father Morgan Freeman and married Jason Cappuccio only to find out that she is in fact a Porn Star and thus had to Have John Cena Fuck Her Hardcore for her Crack Loving Lover Cappuccio (pronounced Cappucciocinoreno).

edit Music (Failed)Career

After the reincarnation, Adolf Hitler discovered Hilary and developed a rack that would hypnotize thousands of males, he took over her career from Disney, and produced songs (not actually sung by Hilary Duff) and placed her in low-budget, promiscuous music videos that had no point but to turn Duff into a sex object, which to many males...was quite alright. Her number one hit With Lube was a huge success selling three copies. However, the music video grossed over 56 trillion dollars. During this period of Duff's music playing on public radio, there were over 5,600 attempted assassinations on Jewish Congress members. When doing a live performance in Miami, into the first verse of With Lube she was open-fired upon at by U.S. Soldiers, many bullets aimed at her vocal chords, she never sang again. She then resorted to prostitution, and declared war on Lindsey Lohan for allegedly "Stealing her fat horny bastards, and customer flow." When begging plastic surgeons to reconstruct her vocal chords, they responded by sprinting to the nearest window and diving out it head first. After starring in a Neo-Nazi funded show Spoiled Slutty Fascist where Duff aimlessly blows many Nazi's at once, she was banned from Hollywood and shunned by the Western hemisphere completely. Forced to move to Cambodia, where she is a full-time prostitute and holds the record for worlds largest vagina, strongly resembling Stargate.

edit Personal life and, like, bullshit

Duff has dated John McCain, George Bush, Joel Madden, John Madden and many other gross old men even though she was a deep down a communist Nazi fascist that loved Hitler and evil corporations like Disney. Because of her unusual dating preferences and the fact that she looks down on everyone (and expects a gold star for it), she often complains that she is being picked on by the other talented actresses such as Ozzy Osbourne. In 2004, Avril Lavigne called Hilary a "goody-two-shoes" and a whiny "mommy's girl" in response to being picked on by Hilary calling Avril a "bad role model," hating her fans, and being a poser. Hilary got pimp slapped by Avril, and she ran all the way home to tell her mommy what the big bad Avril Lavigne Did To Her.[5]


How enemies are alike. Pure evil celebrities; Hilary Duff Beer, Evil Sorceror Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan the dumb

In 2006, she stole a handbag from Lindsay Lohan while Lindsay was on a trip to the UK. When Lindsay realized her handbag had been stolen, she confronted Hilary by severely punching her and saying, "Why'd ya steal my bag beach?" Instead of responding with a bitch slap Hilary decided to tell her mom and together they wrote a song about it.

Duff has also conceived numerous times to some different men, but the most famous were to George Bush, when he thought he was screwing Hilary Clinton. Of course, when he found out it was Duff he was screwing, he decidedly continued to use her as his whore, earning her $4 a day.

In 2007, Hilary lost most of her teeth in a cat fight with Lindsay Lohan over "who-was-a-better-role-model" and other crap. Duff did lose the fight but challenged her to a rematch in Celebrity Deathmatch. Because she had no bone marrow, Duff's ass was quickly kicked the second time and lost her remaining teeth. Ashamed of her appearance, she went to a dentist and purchased new dentures. Hilary wanted to bear her new teeth (sharks and zombie bear their teeth right before sinking them into their prey) The dentist made them too big. A case was filed against the dentist with a homeless man as Duff's attorney (and eventually lost, of course). Hilary also became the victim of mean cat called when some people at some place in some place called Los Angele's called her a slut faced hoe bag. Speaking of the incidence Hilary said I didn't want to shout back at those total losers but, like it wasn't because my voice sounds like a family of chipmunks on helium. I am a genuinely sweet girl, like ever

Hilary Duff was the popular pop star in the midpoint between the era of Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. She has been linked to those stars, but only because she is jealous of Britney for being a weirdo and jealous of Miley for being a better slut than she is. She is one of the many actresses that the paparazzi has unsuccessfully caught on nipple slips, upskirts, etc.

In November 2008, she claimed to be pregnant with octuplets, inspiring a new series of Pokemon in which Duff herself will voice each character. Duff also announced she/he is divorcing Britney Spears to go on a lesbian fling with the Disney preppies and become a full-time lesbian bunny in the Playboy Mansion.

Hilary Duff has now changed her name as Ke$ha and she made songs such as Tic Toc and other Ke$ha favorites.

edit What-ever! See Also

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edit So Totally Notes

  1. I have a little music box its name is radio / I hear the music news and sports wherever I may go
  3. God: "Now hold on just a minute! I did not have image-ing relations with that woman."
  4. Like this guy.
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