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Rias Gremory

I swear, I only watch it for the story!

High School DxD is a Japanese Anime series about coed Catholic school students, who against all adversity, struggle to repress their inherent desires of sexuality. Throughout the school year, they are consistently harassed and by devils and fallen angels. Often times these antagonists appear before them and tempt them with needlessly scanty outfits and outrageously large bazongas. However, the characters never stray from the path of salvation by keeping true to their faith in God. The series follows the members of the occult research club, a group of particularly pious students who seek to weed out devils among the student body disguised as students with DD breasts.

edit Plot

One day, Issei Hyodo is wandering about minding his own business when a seemingly shy and attractive girl whom he has never met before comes out of nowhere and asks him out on a date. Immediately, the entire audience is emotionally bombarded by soft music and pictures of the new happy couple wandering about throughout a typical romantic day. However, the plot thickens when their romance is unexpectedly cut short. As it turns out, the girl is actually a real jerk. Suddenly, the girl starts to smrik a whole lot and transforms into some sort of evil Sith Lord called a "Fallen Angel." Unfortunately, it seems that all Fallen Angels are jerks. Living up to her reputation, the girl then proceeds to stab Issei right in the chest, smirking all the while. Once she is done, the jerk flies away and leaves him for dead. Her reasons for doing this are only vaguely hinted at for the rest of the series. It is as this point that Issei is resurrected by the incredible red-headed hottie Rias Gremory.

Being reborn as some sort of Angel, Issei owes his life to Rias, and consequently becomes a servant of house Gremory. With his new Angelic Powers, Issei and pals go on fun-filled adventures converting the worthy, punishing the wicked and fighting Fallen Angels, Devils and of course, those pesky atheist liberals. However, all of their fun is spoiled when Rias reveals a convenient and much-needed plot device. As it turns out, she has an arranged engagement to some immortal douchenozzle with a bad smirk that nobody has even heard of until he becomes relevant to the story. Needless to say, despite daunting odds, Issei somehow manages to kick his butt. All seems well, but before there is time to celebrate, another villain shows up, and he has even more unwholesome smirk than the last guy. This guy is a super-important Fallen Angel, and he threatens to blow up the entire town. Despite more daunting odds, Issei also somehow manages to kick his butt right before another guy with a titanic smirk shows up. And so the repetitive process continues until finally, Issei defeats the Elite Four and becomes the Pokemon Grandmaster, causing all of the girls in the occult research club fall at his feet.

edit Characters

edit Issei Hyodo

Issei is the viewpoint character as well as the main protagonist of the series. His virginity untarnished, he is particularly scornful of any sexual activity, worldly desire, or will to have fun he sees among his peers. This causes him to become increasingly perturbed when scantily-dressed fallen angels and devils appear before him and attempt to lure him into the sack. When the fallen angels realize that he is no fun, they stab him in the stomach with a light spear and move on to somebody else more willing. Left to die of his wounds, Issei is resurrected by Rias Gremory and given special powers.

Later, as a member of the occult research club, Issei becomes a powerful guiding force which keeps his fellow members from giving into unnatural desires such as sexuality and human companionship.

edit Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory is a direct descendant of Jesus Christ, and has the ability to bestow special holy powers upon her servants. Throughout the series, she takes entirely too many showers. Its almost like the writers intentionally gave her so many shower scenes. She is an A cup.


Asia, using her "healing" to cure "tension" from a fellow student.

edit Asia Argento

Once a heretical worshiper of the Devil, Asia was killed after a fallen angel stole her powers. Raised from the dead by Rias Gremory, she is now a fervent servant of almighty God. Her holy powers enable her to heal others. She is a DD cup.

edit Akeno Himejima

Akeno is the black-haired vice-president of the Occult Research Club; she wears her hair in a long ponytail. Issei describes her as an ideal japanese woman, with a tiny vajayjay and a sexuality that is virtually nonexistent. Normally she exhibits a gentle personality, but during combat, becomes highly sadistic. She often competes with Rias to see who can suck up to Issei more. She is a B cup.

edit Koneko Toujou

She is a small, quiet and generally boring character whose only notable quality is her massive size G breasts.

edit Yuto Kiba

Other than Issei, Yuto is the only other male in the Occult research club. He is also the designated swordsman of the group. Being blonde and strikingly handsome, Yuto is often the target of other student's sexual desires. He is often tempted from virtue by Fallen Angels and Issei's rock-hard abs. In order to distract himself from his desires, he spends a lot of time polishing his sword.

edit Reactions

High School DxD is a widely acclaimed anime series. IMDb rated the series 8008/100 praising the game for plentiful amounts of shower scenes and a unique storyline. In 2015, Pope Francis publicly praised the series for its exemplary demonstration of Catholic values, but criticized the series for not showing enough breasts.

Some concerned Christian mothers have expressed concern about the series, claiming that the show glorifies devils, Satanic worship and hyper-sexuality. However, anybody who actually watches the show knows that this is unfounded nonsense.

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