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Oy am.

“Oi'm 'enery the eighth, oy am.”
~ 'enery VIII (pictured), on 'imself.

Henry was the name of eight kings of England.

Henry was also the name of four kings of France. Also of seven kings of Germany. If the reader thinks that someone declaring himself "the education President," or nominating a Negro or even a gay Republican, is a cheap gimmick to avoid the issues of the day, they are nothing compared to adopting the name Henry in medieval Europe. This was the original cheap gimmick. Imagine "King Plantagenet" trying to gain popular respect for his tax-gatherers.

Henry, in physics, is the unit of measurement of mutual inductance. Currently, the United States has renounced inductance in favor of an all-volunteer Army. Consequently, there are neither any henries nor any Uncyclopedia articles about them. Uncyclopedia does, however, have many savoury articles whose name begins with Henry. (Italics indicate that, if you pick that, it is not what you'll get.)

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Henry RollinsHenry VHenry VIII
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Henry Winkler
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