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"Spork" is a term for taking bogus articles from bogus sites such as Wikipedia, placing them on Uncyclopedia, and fixing them up. GameFAQs is an article that has been sporked.

edit Full sporks

Sporks can be shown off by adding {{spork|(source name)}} to the spork's coding, like this:

Spork This page was originally sporked from some site.

The example was {{spork|some site}}.

edit Partial sporks

If parts of the article are sporked (but not the original incarnation of the article), this template indicates sporking/sporkage:

{{Partialspork|some site}}

edit Interwiki map

A number of pre-defined shortcuts are available for quicklinks from Uncyclopedia to articles in other wikis, in the format Wikicities: Main Page or Wikipedia:Pirate decryption, without specifying the fully-qualified URL. See Wikipedia:Meta:Interwiki map or Interwiki map at Wikia for the full list.

edit See also

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Spork This page was originally sporked from Uncyclopedia.
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