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Welcome to the Collaborative Video UnSandbox page. This page allows you to carry out experiments using the Collaborative Video functionality of this wiki express your sick mind using the video feature.

edit What is a collaborative video?

Who cares? We're here for the sandboxes. We, and other members of the LASD (League Against Sandboxes Discrimination) have had enough with boring explanations, and want to see the best photos / video clips depicting sandboxes at their greatness and divinity. Anyone with editing permissions can add images, videos and sounds to the UnSanboxes video (just click on the add button), or edit it using the full-featured online video editor (just click on the.. right! edit button. Knew you'd get it).

edit What if I want to dive deeper?

Make sure you don't hurt yourself. Or go to the tutorial.

edit UnSandbox

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edit For additional help

You can contact this guy. He's smart. Or contact me, and I'll immediately find someone who gives a fuck.

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