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This is the front of the school

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Hello Kitty School of Fur and Fluff (or known as HKSFF) is located in London, England. It has existed since 1974, founded by Ikuko Shimizu (the creator of Hello Kitty), who is also current principal. It is now a P-12 school all boys school and is starting plans for a second campus in Tokyo, Japan which will be Co-ed. Their motto is "If it’s not furry or cute chuck it back"which the school has taken seriously through the various expulsions.

edit History of the School



The school was started by the Hello Kitty family in recognition of their first daughters' wish to one day become the ambassadors of youth (which she achieved in two countries = Japan and Taiwan. Hello kitty was born November 1st, 1974 and she lives in London, England. Her family includes her parents and her sister Mimmy. Her hobbies include traveling, reading, music, and baking cookies. Hello Kitty symbolizes generosity, innocence, kindness and most importantly... friendship. Hello kitty has been kept down in the 3rd grade for 27 years and still resides there. she will transfer to the school in Tokyo when it has opened its doors.

edit Subjects


Some of the students at the school

• English= This made up of the history of different Sanrio characters. This also has studies of Shakesfur.

Math = This includes apple pie.

Art = The class where they create the posters and wallpapers. They also do the paint jobs on different products that are yet to be shipped out.

• Foods= This consists of baking all different cookies to serve with milk to the cats.

Music= They construct the various musical instrument and create songs for the TV series.

Geography= The class where they discuss where to place the next store.

• Technology (Metal and Electronics)= They create alarm clocks, toasters, and other electronic devices.

• Fabrics= Creating hello kitty dolls, costume for both cats and humans.

• Law Studies= Take care things such as the 40,000 different cases of the company suing illegal products.

• Forensic Science= Take a look into the 1999 hello kitty murder case and the 2004 crop circle that appeared just out side of London in an empty field.

• S.O.S.E= deal in tourism and managing hello kitty youth ambassador of tourism in Japan and Taiwan.

• L.O.T.E= Japanese (duh! She was created in JAPAN!)

edit Lunch

Hello Kitty weighs the same as 3 apples. Therefore, all of the children are to eat and drink at the school as follows:

• Apples

• Apple juice

• Apple cider

• Milk

• Cookies This is to remind the children of hello kitty every time the eat or drink. The school has a cafeteria and only serves things that remind the students of her they are made from the items above.

edit School Rooms and Facilities


So much fur

There is a lovely metal plate on the fence as you enter the school that says “Her generosity and kindness endear her to everyone she meets. Her favorite thing is do tea parties and her hobbies include music, reading, eating the cookies her mother bakes, and best of all making new friends. Like she says "You can never have too many friends." Or can you?

All the class rooms have at least one full wall covered in fur, unless you in the detention hall where all the walls are padded and are covered in fur to make the children feel happy and safe (year right.)

edit Other Activities

Work experience can only be taken in two places the Hello Kitty café in Taipei, Taiwan and hello kitty maternity wing of a hospital in Taiwan.

The camp is Puroland, Tokyo, Japan. This theme park has a giant pink hello kitty house you can explore. There is a village near by for the kids to stay. The entire village houses are pink and hello kitty obsessed. The statue below hello kitty got for her 30th birthday and is now housed at the school in the art department.


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