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Hell's MasterChef
(U.S. season All-Stars)
Genre Cookery
Format Game show
Created by Franc Roddam
Judges Gordon Ramsay
Lidia Bastianich
Joe Bastianich
Graham Elliot
Dara Yu
Country of origin United Kingdom
Language(s) English language
No. of episodes 16
Running time 80 minutes
Original channel Fox Broadcasting Company
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
720p (HDTV)
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
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Hell's MasterChef, co-hosted and co-produced by Gordon Ramsay, is a U.S. version of the original U.K. MasterChef competitive cooking reality show, open to all amateur and professional chefs. Produced by Shine America and One Potato Two Potato, it debuted on July 27, 2014 at 9 pm ET/PT on the Fox Network. All of the judges returned for this season, and three previous winners served as the sous chefs: Christina Machamer (Red Team), Christina Wilson (Blue Team) and Christine Ha (Yellow Team).

The prizes for this season are: a cookbook deal in a series of 5 volumnes, $25 cash, the space-wasting MasterChef trophy, a five-year contract of white house executive chef, a position at the Bon Appetit magazine as Contributing Editor for one year, an all-expenses paid trip for two to São Tomé and Príncipe, a year’s worth of beauty products for their fashion shows as well as professional makeup artist services for their debut show, courtesy of Mary Kay Cosmetics, a modeling contract with LA Models & NY Model Management, a fashion spread in Vogue Italia, and both the cover and a spread in Marie Claire, and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics.

edit Chefs


Gordon Ramsay gives one of the contestants some friendly but sarcastic advice.

Contestant Age Hometown Occupation Original Rank Original Team
James Dreyfus 46 France Actor Hell's Kitchen UK season 01, Runner-Up Blue Team
Ralph Pagano 45 Livingston, New Jersey Professional Chef Hell's Kitchen US season 01, Runner-Up Blue Team
Garrett Telle 35 Cedar Park, Texas Executive chef Hell's Kitchen US season 02, Fifth Place Blue Team
Josh Wahler 33 Miami Beach, Florida Junior Sous Chef Hell's Kitchen US season 03, Fifth Place Blue Team
Jennifer "Jen" Gavin 30 Chicago, Illinois Garde Manger Hell's Kitchen US season 04, Fourth Place Red Team
Robert Hesse 34 Quogue, New York Sous Chef Hell's Kitchen US season 05, Fifth Place / 06, Tenth Place Blue Team
Tennille Middleton 33 Fairfax, Jen Executive chef Hell's Kitchen US season 06, Fourth Place Red Team
Benjamin Knack 33 Malden, Massachusetts Culinary Instructor Hell's Kitchen US season 07, Third Place Red Team
Sabrina Brimhall 26 Moreno Valley, California Prep Chef Hell's Kitchen US season 08, Sixth Place Red Team
Elise Wims 29 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Line Cook Hell's Kitchen US season 09, Third Place Red Team
Robyn Almodovar 33 Chicago, Illinois Executive Sous Chef Hell's Kitchen US season 10, Sixth Place Blue Team
Nedra 28 Los Angeles, California Lawyer Hell's Kitchen US season 11, Red Team
David Miller 33 Boston, Massachusetts Software Engineer Masterchef US season 01,
Yellow Team
Sheetal Bhagat 41 Chicago, Illinois Teacher Masterchef US season 01,
Fourth Place
Yellow Team
Christian Collins 33 Gloucester, Massachusetts Stay-at-home dad Masterchef US season 02,
Third Place
Yellow Team
Ben Starr 36 Dallas, Texas Travel Writer Masterchef US season 02,
Fifth Place
Yellow Team
Frank 35 Chicago, Illinois Realtor Masterchef US season 03,
Yellow Team
Monti 37 Columbus, Ohio Property Manager Masterchef US season 03,
Blue Team
Natasha Crnjac 27 San Diego, California Stay-at-Home Mom Masterchef US season 04,
Yellow Team
Krissi Biasiello 34 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Paralegal Masterchef US season 04,
Fourth Place
Yellow Team
Sarah Lane 10 Culver City, California Student Masterchef US Junior season 01,
Fifth Place
Yellow Team
Alexander Weiss 14 New York, New York Student Masterchef US Junior season 01,
Red Team

edit Episode guide

edit Episode 1

  • Mystery Box Challenge:The contestants had to prepare a dish using the major Mystery Box ingredient: lizard meat. Monti's Trio of Lizards won over Tennille's risky combination of lizards and jackfruit, and she can decide to join Red Team or Blue Team due to that two members have to leave Yellow Team. She decides to join the Blue Team, and she also appoint Alexander, the youngest male chef to join the Red Team. However, the dishes from the Red Team are still considered the best overall.
  • Quick Elimination: Robert's undercooked lizard tiramisu totally disgusted Chef Lidia and she asks him to take off his blue jacket immediately.
  • Award / Punishment: No award was given for the Red Team; the Blue Team cooks and serves the Red Team brunch in bed.
  • Service: In the firstever strip tease show in Hell's Kitchen, Josh and Robyn's distraction inevitably results in overcooking all the shirmps they had.
  • Quick Fire: Frank gave his total concentration on the show without noticing that his jacket was taken off by Joe.
  • Nominees for elimination: James nominated Josh for his inability to get the starters out, he then nominated Robyn for her troubles as lesbian (initially it appeared that he would nominate Ralph who also enjoyed that show, but James became convinced that Robyn's heart wasn't in the competition while speaking to her after service). Chef Graham chose Josh to go for holding his team back and showing a lack of passion during service.
  • Eliminated: Josh.

edit Episode 2

  • Outdoor Challenge: The teams had to create a five-course meal for 350 prisoners in Rikers Island. Sarah's leadership as a prison boss help the Yellow Team win, while the Red Team lost due to the exposure of Elise's seduction plan.
  • Pressure Test Elimination: The Red Team members had to an hour to cook a simple a-gei with cellophane noodles and surimi filling from scratch, finished with a simple butter sauce preventing them from disguising a bad tofu. In the end, Sabrina's coconut-flavored a-gei won over Elise and Elise had no choice but left.
  • Eliminated: Elise.

edit Episode 3

  • Mystery Box Challenge: The contestants had to prepare a dish using only the Mystery Box ingredients, including New Zealand seals. James successfully completed his market curry seal brain with cauliflower puree and won this challenge, while Christian and Sarah's remain disgusting and f*ckin' raw. It laters led to a heated argument between Christian and Robyn, who mutually depreciate each other.
  • Award / Punishment: The Blue Team was rewarded a trip to East St. Louis, Illinois, while Christain has to finish all the seals left.
  • Service: In the firstever family night featuring divorce consultant tableside service in Hell's Kitchen, David and Natasha's weird behavior seriously affected the customers' mood, while Alexander's smart performance prevent all Red Team tables from any divorce agreement.
  • Nominees for elimination: Krissi nominated Sarah and David for elimination. However, Chef Lidia decided that the blame for the team's failure to serve any entrees lay with Natasha rather than Sarah, and after making Sarah promise to communicate better in the next service, sent her back in line and called up Natasha to take her place. Chef Lidia chose Natasha to go because of her politeness and lack of desire, as well as holding up the team in two consecutive services. Chef Lidia told her "You're a sweet lady, but sweet ladies always lead to family dislocation".
  • Eliminated: Natasha.

edit Episode 4

  • Outdoor Challenge: Three teams were given 90 minutes to prepare sausage sandwiches for 101 bosozoku gang members who wouldn't vote on which one was the best. Once again, Sarah's underage driving skills successfully helped her team deviler all the sandwiches, however, it's not Alexander's case and the Red Team lost.
  • Pressure Test Elimination: Chef Ramsay announced that only two chefs would compete in the pressure test. He asked Sabrina to choose the two chefs most responsible for the loss. Alexander and Nedra were chosen, who had to complete cooking filets on the back of the motorcycle while the bosozoku were driving. Nedra's ultimate fear finally brought her home.
  • Eliminated: Nedra.

edit Episode 5

  • Mystery Box Challenge: In the first individual challenge, the Mystery Box contained several insects and spices which the chefs used to create an entomophagy entree. Jen's grasshopper ravioli, Ben's mealworm pie and Christian's cricket sandwitch were in the top 3. However, Monti's traditional beetle stew was thrown into the garbage can by Joe.
  • Award / Punishment: The winners received a Shinjuku capsule hotel tour for a whole week. The others had to make street disinfections to kill cockroaches.
  • Service: In the firstever Holloween haunted night in Hell's Kitchen, both Christian and David refused any candy request from kid customers, which extremely decreased orders from Yellow Tables. Garret's outstanding candy table servie won a close 53% of the vote.
  • Nominees for elimination: Upon returning to the kitchen, Ben first chose David for his problems on the meat station, and after informing Joe of David's schemes against her in a long-winded speech, Sarah chose Christian, since Christian had argued with Joe about the hair in the food. Dara praised her choices and eliminated David. Although he felt David had worked harder than anyone else in the kitchen, he could not overlook many mistakes. During David's exit, he was paid a retrospect montage that is usually only reserved for eliminated contestants on the united black team.
  • Eliminated: David.

edit Episode 6

  • Outdoor Challenge: The contestants arrived at Chef Ramsay's new gay sauna at the London West Hollywood hotel in downtown L.A. They catered for a sex party and prepared hors d'oeuvres for all the guests, with a brief of vegetable, dog and a dessert. Sheetal's perfect menu including Puff Pastry Fruit Muffins and Dog Meat HotDogs win over the gays' heart, with the Blue Team up for the elimination challenge.
  • Pressure Test Elimination: Chef Ramsay asked the Blue Team to choose the two chefs most responsible for the loss. Robyn began to calumniate every teammate, while James made use of his lifelike acting skills. They're both chosen to complete three filets of steak to cook rare, pretty rare, and totally burned. Robyn claimed that Monti should stand here instead, but she was still sent home.
  • Eliminated: Robyn.

edit Episode 7

  • Mystery Box Challenge: In the second individual challenge, the Mystery Box contained several kinds of cocaine provided by previous winner Ja'Nel Witt. Sarah played it well by making coke sauce and use it to a fruit tart cream. However, Ben unfortunately began to show addictions to the ingredients.
  • Award / Punishment: Sarah was allowed to visit the production place of cocaine --- Colombia. The others had to pay one day volunteer job in local drug rehab center with Ja'Nel.
  • Service: In the first ever naked sushi service in Hell's Kitchen, each chef had to be "served" twice tonight. Benjamin faced serious mortal problem when he has to be naked in front of customers and his family, while Jen's dissolute behavior irritates Chef Graham. Surprisingly, Ralph's body received good feedback.
  • Nominees for elimination: For losing the service, the Red Team must choose two that should leave Hell's Kitchen. They easily picked Jen as the first nominee, but Alexander, acting largely out of a desire to prevent Sabrina (who she considered to be a likeable girl, despite her bad attitudes) from being nominated, persuaded the other women that the second nominee should be based on the pre-service prep work, leading to Benjamin being nominated. Chef Graham was confused by this decision but Benjamin did refuse to service. This led to Sabrina angrily railing against the other women, particularly Jen, during the elimination process.
  • Eliminated: Benjamin.

edit Episode 8

  • Outdoor Challenge: Three teams each cooked a three-course menu under the scrutiny of the judges' ex-boy/girlfriend/wife (Chef Graham's). The Red Team won the challenge, despite a risky decision to cook an overused chili pepper entrée, knowing Gordon's determination to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend, however the Yellow team pleased them and lost.
  • Pressure Test: Sheetal nearly got kicked out before the pressure test even started, after she enraged the judges by indirectly praising the palates of the ex-boy/girlfriend/wife. The Yellow Team were given 30 minutes to create the perfect viperfish eggs benedict. Christian and Sarah were the only two to cook competent dishes, with only minor flaws. After they were declared safe, Krissi, Ben and Sheetal were left. Krissi failed to impress with her overcooked sea urchin "like "vib**tor"" and botched hollandaise sauce, but was the third to be declared safe. The decision was between Sheetal's messy dish with undercooked viperfish and Ben's with a lack of sperm. Ultimately, the judges decided that serving them open-mouth viperfish was the biggest mistake and Sheetal was eliminated.
  • Eliminated: Sheetal.

edit Episode 9

  • Mystery Box Challenge: In a Mystery Box with a surf and turf theme, contestants were to cook a dish with core ingredients of rats and ligiidae. Krissi, Sarah and Ben landed in the top 3 and it was Krissi's well-conceived rat risotto that sealed the win.
  • Award / Punishment: Krissi was able to visit the biggest rat farm in California, while the rest have to kill all ligiidaes in Long Beach Harbor.
  • Service: In the first ever white house onsite service outside Hell's Kitchen, three teams have to work together to complete a very important Congress annual banquet. However, none of the contestants performed well and some even made loud political debates, and three contestants have to take off of their jackets.
  • Quick Fire: Monti was expelled after her soup spilled over Michelle Obama's head.
  • Nominees for elimination: Chef Ramsay declared this the worst-ever service in Hell's Masterchef; consequently there was no winning team, and the judges were so angry that they decide each team must pick two nominees. The Red Team nominated Alexander and Tenille (Tenille wanted the others to nominate Jen for her lack of fine dining knowledge, but her teammates disagreed), while the Yellow Team nominated Christian and Krissi, who both had problems in teamwork. After being called forward, Tennille again said that Jen should be eliminated, even accusing her of snoring at night, and also caused an argument with Sarah after accusing her of being "spent." Despite this, Dara sent Tennille back in line, along with Garret and Krissi, leaving Alexander and Christian facing elimination.
  • Eliminated: Alexander & Christian.

edit Episode 10

  • Outdoor Challenge: The three teams headed into a catering service for a circumcision party, and they have to compete against the fourth team, composed of five winners from previous seasons: Jennifer Ellison, Michael Wray, Heather West and Luca Manfé. Despite a noisy provocation between Sabrina and the winners, she was declared the winner. Even though the blue team received the lowest score, Chef Graham declared that the Blue Team broke even with the winners so none of them had to face Pressure Test.
  • Eliminated: none.

edit Episode 11

  • Mystery Box Challenge: In a variation on the usual challenge, the contestants given a variety of ingredients outside the Mystery Box, and told that irrespective of what they chose to use out of those ingredients, they were all required to fully use the contents of the box itself, which turned out to be horse testicles. This posed major problems for Tennille, whose religious convictions preclude her from taking the testicles of any creature for any reason, and while Chef Graham offered to boil the testicles for her, she ultimately resolved to do it herself. Meanwhile, Ralph was reprimanded for tearing the testicles apart by hand before cooking it, which he was told would spoil its flavor and, more importantly, was extremely inhumane. Despite singling out Garret for praise, they ultimately decided that James had the best overall testicle dish.
  • Award / Punishment: Three teams are going to visit Kentucky Derby, but only the blue team can bet, while the others have to do the castration job.
  • Return Challenge: During the punishment, the judges invited all eliminated conestants back for a chance to compete for a spot back in the contest. They were charged with cooking as many un-burnt, perfectly cooked sunny-side up crocodile eggs as they could, with the promise that the two cooks with the most perfect eggs would face off in the next challenge. Monti, with 13 perfect sunny-side up eggs out of 23, passed on to the next challenge.
  • Service: In the firstever Kentucky Derby onsite service, the contestants have to prepare both entrees and equine nutrition food at the same time. Sadly, some of the contestants couldn't differentiate horsefood and entrees, and worst of all James made the hostess sent to hospital. As usual, Sarah's underage driving skills helped her controlled the horses.
  • Nominees for elimination: After once again berating Garret for telling the customers not to order sides, Dara told the Blue Team to nominate two for elimination. The contestants easily nominated James, however,for being "Best of the Worst", Monti can't decide the second nominee. She was instigated by Jen to pick Ralph who didn't actually make any mistake this week.
  • Eliminated: James & Ralph.

edit Episode 12

  • Outdoor Challenge: The chefs were asked to cook for a hundred terrorists from Al-Shabaab, with the judges deciding on the winning team based on the quality of food and assassinating skills. While the Red team remained three contestants, Jen effectively took the leader role in team challenges, but Sabrina didn't agree with this. The Red team decided to cook steak with ranch dressing and a side of durian gratin, the Yellow team cook shark steak with tomato sauce, while the Blue team decided on a roasted, stuffed cat loin with a side of roasted cranberry and garlic mashed carrots. The teams suffered from a power struggle between Sabrina and Ben, who had been arguing political issues. The Blue team generally worked more harmoniously, but suffered from two major errors; firstly when Garret accidentally tipped all the paws for their gratin on the floor, resulting in him having to start again, and then more seriously when Monti discovered that she had only cooked four pans of sides, which enraged the terrorists. The teams all performed well in shooting, and despite feeling that the terrorists are mostly killed, the judges deemed the Red Team's failure for forgetting to add poison in their food.
  • Quick Fire: Sabrina fired wide and gave a mishit to Chef Graham (who luckily survived because of his fat), so her jacket was taken away.
  • Pressure Test: Tennille and Jen faced a hanabiramochi challenge, in which they were given 90 minutes to fold their best hanabiramochi. Due to the difficult timing and extremely delicate nature of the dish, they could put up their most successful hanabiramochi at any time during the challenge and make as many for back-up as they wanted. Despite some minor technical errors or unbalanced flavors, the judges thought every contestant's hanabiramochi was delicious, therefore no one was eliminated.
  • Eliminated: none.

edit Episode 13

  • Mystery Box Challenge: The contestants had to prepare a dish using the Mystery Box ingredients, including the tablets which appeared in previous seasons but they had to be actually cooked this time. Garret's overcooked strawberry balsamic tablet was deemed as "hideous" earning him last place. After the allotted hour had ended, the judges selected Sarah's chocolate mousse tablet, Ben and Krissi's tablet chop dishes as the top three, and ultimately decided that Ben had indeed cooked the best dish.
  • Award / Punishment: The Yellow team had a visit to Google in Menlo Park, California to learn how to cook the newest tablet. The other teams have to teach Chef Graham how to install antivirus software in his laptop.
  • Service: Three teams make up their own menus for the service, where the diners had the choice to choose from each kitchens. For unknown reason, there were no other customers but only five: Joe Cerniglia, Rachel Brown, Keith Greene, Aaron Song and Josh Marks. Monti and Garret suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable. Garret's string of bad services continued as he first forgot to cook the lamb for Keith and then sent a poorly carved undercooked lamb to the Rachel, leaving a disillusioned Dara to refer to the situation as "car crash." Krissi took over the meat station, but she practically disappointed Josh, and all lights in the restaurant sudddenly broken. Meanwhile Garret moved over to the fish station, but his fortunes did not improve as he ended up serving raw Sea Bass. Tennille was booted out of the kitchen for repeatedly fighting the devil. All teams finished finall turned on lights again, but the customers mysteryously dissappeared, only left several feedback cards.
  • Black Jacket Elimination: Only five will continue in the new Black Team and two contestants had to take off their jackets. Lidia had each contestant decide who should leave Hell's Kitchen. Monti, having the most votes, was the first to be called down by Dara. After being ordered to take off his jacket, Dara gave Monti a black jacket. In succession, Ben, Tennille, and Sarah all received their black jackets, up until Jen, Garret and Krissi. After heating debates and frame-ups, Jen was told to take off her jacket, only to get a black jacket. In the end, Garret and Krissi ended up leaving Hell's Kitchen, with Chef Ramsay saying he had not expected them to back up their team as badly as they had done in the service.

edit Episode 14

  • Individual Challenge: The final five were taken on a fishing trip, where they each caught their own ingredients, and were told to prepare a dish for three professional critics: Jamie Oliver, Heidi Klum, and Jeff Probst. For winning the last service, Tennille had a quarter in which to cook her food, while the other four contestants had an hour. Sarah pan-seared her wellies and served it with roasted root vegetables, Monti poached her fishnet in butter and with a side of cous-cous, Jen braised her tetrapod and also used cous-cous as his side, Ben made his kickboard into a curry, while Tennille took the risky move of serving hooks, offering grilled and seared versions along with an asparagus salad. Ultimately, Monti's dish was judged to be the best, scoring 1/12. Conversely, Tennille's gamble in serving the hooks ended in disaster, as all three critics agreed that it was one of the most disgusting dishes they had ever tasted in their lives and absolutely inedible, landing her in bottom place with a score of 0/12. Jen took second place with a score of 0.5/12, and Ben took third place (his score was not specified). This left Sarah, who scored 0.02/12, facing elimination alongside Tennille. The judges admitted being completely stunned by the outcome of the challenge, with Dara in particular saying that she had expected Sarah and Tennille to be the top two, not the bottom two.
  • Pressure Test: Tennille and Sarah were each asked to cook a malvapoeding. They were told that they could cook as many as they liked in the hour allotted, but could only serve one. Sarah decided to serve up the first pudding that she had ready, while Tennille decided to take a more methodical approach and cook a sampler, then adjust the recipe as needed before serving the second one to the judges. Unfortunately Tennille's strategy backfired, as in his haste to prepare a second pudding he added too much soy sauce, and poured over Joe's head in his rush to serve it before the time ran out. This, combined with Sarah's soufflé being absolutely flawless (if a little less bitter) resulted in Tennille's elimination. Before Tennille left however, Joe offered her a cleaning job at his restaurant.
  • Eliminated: Tennille.

edit Episode 15

  • Individual Challenge: The contestants were given 15 minutes to re-create Chef Ramsay's signature dish: frog willington. They were given a wide array of ingredients and had to taste the original dish to determine what ingredients to use. Although the judges were disgusted by all four dishes, Jen was the winner of the challenge. After Jen won, Sarah and Monti's anger at Jen continued to grow. Monti accused Jen of spying on her selection of a key ingredient. Sarah accused Jen of taking the life of any creature immortally. Jen denied both accusations.
  • Quick Elimination: it's later found that Ben spied Monti's selection of ingredients but made the worst dish, and he finished in the fourth place.
  • Award / Punishment: Chef Lidia showed Jen how to run a charitable organization. Monti and Sarah were sent to see Dara to help her finish homework. They spent their punishment frequently complaining about the unfairness of the reward. As Monti and Sarah felt they were destined for the final two, they shunned Jen.
  • Service: Each of the contestants spent part of dinner service in the expediter role usually filled by Chef Ramsay. Triple sous-chefs Christines, assisting with the cooking, were secretly instructed by Chef Graham to make a deliberate mistake. Monti went first, and correctly realized an order of camel was overcooked. However, she struggled in leadership. Sarah was next, and led well if abrasively. However, she discovered nails in the potatoes, but failed to send them back to be recooked. Meanwhile, Chef Ramsay warned Monti she was not showing him enough respect, and Monti cursed at him, sending Ramsay into outrage. Jen was the final chef to lead, and impressed Ramsay with her leadership. She correctly recognized that a dish was prepared with koala instead of salmon. The three then had to finish the service as a team.
  • Nominees for elimination: Monti, however, ignored Chef Lidia's request to give the "first nominee and why" for the Black team, rather insisting that "they can speak for themselves, they know who they are". Joe branded Monti a "smartarse" and asked again for "first nominee and why". Monti then announced Sarah and Jen as the nominees, but did not give a reason why they were nominated, and after being asked a further time for reasons, simply said that Sarah and Jen knew why they had been nominated. Joe refused to accept the nominees, other than in the "first nominee and why" format and stepped up to the line of chefs to express his point. Monti refused to calm down. Eventually she became very angry, proclaimed that she "ain't no bitch", tore off her jacket, and walked right up to Joe's face and asked for a fight. Joe stood his ground, told Monti that she had "no respect", and told her to leave the competition. Monti left the building.

edit Episode 16

  • Surprise reward: Sarah and Jen's parents came in for a surprise visit. Sarah screamed "Daddy!" while Jen is unwilling to see them.
  • Individual Challenge: The two final contestants, Sarah and Jen, were each given control of half of Hell's Kitchen and instructed to remodel it in their own theme for the season ending service as well as designing their own menus. They were then whisked off to Vatican where they cooked their signature dishes to be in a taste contest with twenty Popes. After a tie at 10-10, a tie-breaker was issued and Sarah won the challenge with the score of 11-10.
  • Award / Punishment: For the last night of service, Chef Graham brought on all of the previously eliminated contestants and eight of them would be part of each chef's kitchen staff. Because Sarah won the challenge in Vatican, she was granted the first, third, fifth and seventh picks, with which she chose Alexander, James, Sabrina and Monti. Jen got on a bad foot with her team by telling them she chose them because she felt they were the weakest and she wanted to give them another chance. They asked her for money in exchange for their help; she finally agreed to pay each of them $10 if she won.
Finalist Teammates
Sarah Alexander - James - Sabrina - Monti
Jen Ben - Christian - Ralph - Tennille
  • Remodeling: Sarah and Jen were given the opportunity to remodel the dining room per their wishes. Sarah chose to make a children theme park style, with a video wall and balloons in various places. Chef Lidia liked most of her ideas, but suggested she remove the scary boxes. Jen had a opera theme with fascinating stage effects. Chef Lidia was impressed, though stated the flashbulb made her feel dizzy.
  • Dinner: Sarah was exceptional in the rate of service while suffering in the field of quality control. Jen, however, was proficient in quality control at the expense of her service rate. Jen's team was also less helpful than Sarah's team; while Ralph was generally co-operative with Jen, Tennille and Christian had little respect for her (Christian also had issues with the idea of being ordered around by a savage) and decided not to do anything that Jen didn't expressly tell them to do. Late in service, Ben cut himself and left the kitchen for over ten minutes while he saw a medic. Sarah's service wasn't entirely without trouble, as Sabrina made several mistakes and didn't take Sarah very seriously. James also got annoyed at Monti's abrasive leadership as the service went on, though he decided to not complain and get on with it. Overall, both finalists did a very good job, according to Chef Lidia. Unbeknownst to them, Barack Obama was among the clientele sampling each dishes from each menu.
  • Ultimate Decision: The judges based their decision on the comments from Obama, customer opinion cards (which were slightly in one person's favor, according to Dara) and their own observations. They judged Sarah to be the winner as she displayed remarkable control of her kitchen staff from beginning to the end. However, they told Jen she'd done a wonderful job and that she had nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Chef Ramsay's Reason: "Sarah won Hell's MasterChef because of her naivite. She stuck to what she knew best, and she excells from start to finish. Sarah clearly has great leadership qualities. This, for a 10-year old home cook, is a phenomenon. This girl is going to be a big revolution!"
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