Havelock North

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Havelock North
Te Mata Peak8
The Town Itself
Population: 100 Yuppies, 8000 Drunks, 2000 Hillbillies, 5 Maori and Your Mom/td>
Area: The size it requires to grow so many grapes
Make Up of the Town
Businesses: Grape Growing, Suicide Jumps
Ethnic Groups: 56% Drunk, 24% Hillbilly, 10% Yuppie, 9% JAFA, 1% Tourist and 5 Maoris who got lucky at the TAB
Climate: Warm, Dry, Windy, Like your undies
Urban Planning: Based around a few pods in town center storing alien life forms
The Area Around It
District Name: Haaastings

Havelock North, is a town located in Heastings, Noo Zilind. The town is famous for To Mato Peak, the hill Havelock North was build at the bottom off to stop people jumping of it's famous cliffs, then Edmund Hillary showed New Zealander's how to climb mountains and people then found out about how to get up there to jump of the side.

edit History

Havelock North was built in several stages, the first part done in the 1950's in a town originally called Mt Suicide because of Te Mata Peak. The next part was done in the 1970's in an addition to Mt Suicide, this town was called Havelock North named after Havelock in the South Island because the town founder mistook the pronunciation as 'Havelcock'. The next part of the town was an extension called Kingsgate built in the late '80s. The last part is still being built called Brooklands and commenced construction in the 2000.

edit Lifestyle

All the inhabitants of Havelock North are so rich that they live on colossal quantities of posh wine, their main diet. People from Havelock North can play at leats 3 different instruments so that they can get totally pissed and then play these instruments badly, scaring people in Hastings and Flaxmere.

The houses in Havelock North are generally surrounded by a moat, drawbridge and a fire breathing dragon in order to stop the people of neighboring Hastings and Flaxmare from shopping for outdoor furniture, plants, cars and televisions in which they could trade in for a second house in their own suburbs.

Popular activities by the locals including watering the lawn, sweeping the driveway and ensuring the house is always locked.

Their main rivals are Taradale people of Napier who also have a similar lifestyle but have a smaller hill thats the shape of a breast. They normally battle each other to see who is richer and can build the flashest Houses and Supermarkets in Hawkes Bay.

It is also important to note that Havelock North has one of the, if not the most, biggest debt in the country. So even though they have flash houses, cars and drink at cafes all afternoon it usually is on hire purchase or credit cards.

edit Today

Today the town is famous for being the only place in New Zealand (other than - oh yeah, no, only place) where Yuppies (Rich People), Hillbillies (Natives) and Drunks (Majority ethnic group) come together. This is represented by the vineyard culture around the area, reflecting the overall Hastings pattern.

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