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Hatsune Miku, also known as Our Lord and Savior is a voice synth created by our gods, Crypton Future Media. Since her name means the first sound of the FUTURE, there are no other voice synths that have ever been created. Ever. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
She is the very definition of kawaii, moe, among other cute japanese things, nya~! She appears to get balder with every design change she has. But that doesn't matter.[1]


Once upon a time, the bois at Crypton Future Media were all like "HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, how about we make a cute[2] synth gurl?!??!?!" So that's how it happened. And "ppooof" there was a anime girl in a box, waiting to sing for you. Some of her most bestest songs include: "PooPeePoo", "Walrus is Mine", and last but certainly least, "Ten Hundred Farts", because nobody likes English language Miku songs.[3]

Other Kawaiiness


Meeku has had several other voicebanks, with an add on, with her extra most bestest[4] Necktie hanging up. Her V3 voicebanks are the very best, with Hatsune Miku V3 English being the best quality. Saki Fujita is such an English master. She also has a Chinese voicebank, but nobody cares.[5]

Gud Merch

Since her rise to popularity, Miku has tons of good merch. She has the littest[6] tees, the most hawt keychains, and more. Here is a gallery with all of the guuuuciest miku merchandisu:

1000% official.

See also

  • Nothing. There are no other voice synths. No one else. Just miku. Only think of Miku. You will never be able to see any other cutsey animu girls except miku anymore. Think about it. Right now, Hatsune Miku is taking over the world as we speak. Just wait. You'll see--[7]


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