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Current logo for Hatorade Sports Drink

Hatorade (sometimes spelled Hate-o-Rade) is a refeshing sports beverage that many "fools" drink whilst "playa hatin'" (thus the origin of the name). It was originally released for public consumption in 1992, although the creator of the drink has been disputed. It is for sale in 49 states (sorry Tennessee!).

edit Ingredients

Hatorade consists of the following ingredients:

  • 20% smack-talking (usually with the inability to back it up).
  • 30% playa hatin' (attempts at creating a formula in which the game, and not the playa, is being hated has so far proven unsuccessful)
  • 40% mass marketing to a predominately white market.
  • 10% water

edit Backlash

Many figures in popular culture, from rap music to movies to professional wrestling have discouraged the use of Hatorade amongst their peers. Personalities will usually ask why their aquaitance is drinking "that Hatorade", or will simply flat out accuse them of doing such. Most individuals will simply ignore such comments, or will either reply that they are simply "keeping it real" or attempting to "rehydrate themselves in order to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes" after performing exhausting athletic activities, such as basketball or curling.

edit Abuse and Treatment

Consumption of hatorade in moderate amounts is reasonable, even healthy. However, abuse can be common. Symptoms of Hatorade abuse include fronting, starting drama, and just not giving a fuck. If you or anyone you know has a problem with Hatorade, please call Snoop Dogg immediately. He'll know what to do.

edit Instructions

1.remove cap
2.splash in enemy(friend)'s face or any other area
3.(optional) throw bottle at groin (face if female)
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