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Harvey Weinstein is a former Hollywood film producer who suddenly found that he has no more friends in Tinsel Town. That he was an abusive boss, a groper and an alleged rapist seems to have been accepted because 'Harvey' produced zillions of films that turned into healthy profits and award kudos at the annual ass kissing festival, known normally as the Oscars.

Harvey Weinstein

Chubby legs of clay.

He has so far been accused of serial sexual offending with Natalie Portman, Idina Menzel, Jennifer Lawrence, and the Kardashian sisters, ALL IN ONE DAY! This is the worst scandal to hit Hollywood since Fatty Arbuckle stole Charlie Chaplin's contact book to throw wild parties in the 1920s.
For those without comedic tastes, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Harvey Weinstein.

Born in New York, Weinstein and his brothers grew up on living on pay dirt and free bananas.

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