'Harvey Weinstein is the popular name for a sentient fungus developed by the Monsanto Collective. Dr. Werner Herzogfruedenfelter received a patent for his process of infusing pig and housefly DNA into the Weinstein Fungal Matrix®.



Harvey Weinstein is told to leave Hollywood

Cultivated in a jar in New York, Weinstein and his fungal clones grew up on a large, shiny plate of glass, living on human saliva and free bananas.

Sexual Abuse AllegationsEdit

Harvey Weinstein developed a fixation with young human females, which led to his being accused of a number of inappropriate activities, including inserting spore capsules into their pockets, kidnapping them for holidays in warm, vernal pools, and exposing them to his acrid breath and large, spongy mycelial core tissue.


Harvey Weinstein is currently working in a rehabilitation facility in the desert southwest hoping to discover a cure for droopy eye syndrome, a challenging handicap he has struggled with since he first infected a Petri dish.