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“In Soviet Russia, Pot smokes you.”
~ Russian Reversal on Harry Pothead
“Harry Pothead, yes a very good friend of mine; especially the pot part.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Harry Pothead
“Some writers don't have to curse, but I do, so fuck you.”
~ Puck
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Harry Pothead.

An insanely motherfucking popular series in the 1960's, Harry Pothead turned a generation of promising youth into apathetic and immoral adults. Harry Pothead gained a cult following in the 1960's, which caused concern among parents and church leaders, some of whom claimed that Harry Pothead was the antichrist. This is despite the fact that Harry Pothead is fictional. Harry Pothead caused much controversy in the 1960's and is now revered as a great work of British literature. Youth of today shun the Potthead series as a classic.

edit History

The Harry Pothead was conceived by William Shakespeare when he was writing MacBeth. He envisioned it as a light dramady that would chronicle a young schoolboy's quest for drugs. However, Queen Amadalla Episode III showed no interest in the project and Shakespeare modified it into what we now call MacBeth (actually if you say "MacBeth, you will die when the ghosts of all dead people rape you simultaneosly, so I wouldn't advise this).

The beginnings of the Harry Pothead Series remained untouched until the late 1800's when Oscar Wilde discovered Shakespeare's notes. Wilde took the story and modified it to make the young schoolboy homosexual. Many renowned critics argue if Wilde did this to vicariously experience the schoolboy's close (uncomfortably close) relationships with his attractive Potions teacher. Wilde was himself, homosexual.

Until the 20th century, Harry Pothead remained simply a collection of notes and dimebags. This was until the now famous Caimbridge student, J.R.R. Tolkien discovered the notes of Shakespeare and Wilde while completing his dissertation on "British Homosexual Authors and Their Sexuality's Effect on Their Work." Seeing potetial in this story, Tolkien stopped his doctoral research and further developed it. It was at this point the schoolboy became known as Harry Pothead. Tolkien claims the name came from witnessing an extremely stoned Prince Harry, who was dressed as a Nazi at the time.

“Dude, there was like this crazy party in Amsterdam, man and Prince Harry was there. He was so stoned man. And we were drunk [you] know. So we started calling him Harry Pothead. It stuck.”
~ J.R.R. Tolkien on the origins of Harry Pothead

Tolkien published the Harry Pothead series in 7 volumes. These volumes were ridiculously long, some being up to 1 Billion pages in length. For a year after a release date of a new book, children would shut themselves in their rooms and read. They refused to go to school, play outside, and some refused to eat and died of hunger.

edit Plot

The Harry Pothead series is divided into several fucking huge volumes.

edit Harry Pothead and the Stoned Sorcerer

In the first Harry Pothead, Harry Pothead is rescued from a home of christian conservatives and taken to a school for "magic." Critic Hellen Vermicelli argues that the magic spoken of is actually magic mushrooms. Harry arrives at the school, Heroin School for "Magic!!!" and everything is dandy until he runs out of marajuana. He sneaks into the sexy Potions masters office to steal some pot, but gets caught. The Potions Master, David Hasselhoff, who has an attraction for Harry, decides to take a hit with Harry. They are so fucking high that they imagine that they fight a giant cat with two faces and it's freaking cool.

edit Harry Pothead and the Chamber of Crack


A Gecko. This animal sheds its skin, which becomes cocain when crushed into powder. Causes insanity and pregnancy when looked at in the eye.

During the summer before Harry Pothead's second year at "Heroin," the Smurfs, the family he lives with, do not allow him to smoke pot. Resorting to creative measures, Harry Pothead begins to use crack and LSD. While tripping on acid, Harry sees an ancient fairy from the land of Oompa Loompas.

The fairy tells Potthead "Dude, you must go back to Heroin, there is like a Chamber of Crack that you are destined to find." Harry returns to Heroin, and spends all of his time searching for the Chamber of Crack. Leads begin to surface when students start dropping dead of overdoses. A common thread between the victims is a low tolerance for crack. With the help of a mortal enemy, Satan, Harry discovers the chamber of Crack. Unfortunately, the chamber is guarded by a huge lizard called "Gecko." The gecko is not actually giant, but only two inches long and causes insanity to one who looks it in the eye.

Harry Pothead and Satan, defeat the Gecko and discover a cave constructed of solid crack, accumulated from the shedding of the gecko.

edit Harry Pothead and the Prisoner of Addiction

In the third volume of the Harry Pothead series, Harry realizes that he is addicted to drugs. He also meets his long lost uncle, Sirius Black, who has been in rehab for 12 billion years. We find out later that Siriu is not really addicted to drugs, but is stayiing at rehab for the food. Harry spends the next year getting married to gay Jewish guy called George w. Bush and they get married and had adopted a kid although this happend he became a kkk member and raped gorilla smelling savage niggers. His uncle gets pissed about this. Quite frankly, this volume is boring as hell and could be skipped. If you feel bad for skipping a book in a series then read the Sparknotes. In this volume, Harry experiences flashbacks form his heavy use of acid and sees "huge fucking eagles with wings." My advice: don't read this book.

edit Harry Pothead and the Goblet of Scotch

After a long lenghthy and pretty damn boring rehab from drugs, Harry Pothead decides he is missing something in his life. He turns from illegal drugs to alcohol. Harry uses his new found talent at drinking to enter a drinking tournament between the two other "magic" schools. Even though he is underage, Harry gives the judges pot and they are so high that they let him participate anyway. Despite sevaral attempts to give Harry alcohol poisoning, he wins anyway. The main reason for this is that he killed his opponents while drunk.

edit Harry Pothead and the Order of the Drug Traffickers

In the fifth volume of Harry Pothead begins selling drugs and not just using them. Like all drug sales, violence occurs and Potthead encounters a rival druglord, Lord Moldyshorts. Violent wizard duels break out and, in the end the Order of the Drug Trafficers, Potthead's gang, prevails. Unforunately, Potthead's uncle Sirius Black is murdered by Lord Moldyshorts.

edit Harry Pothead and the Druglord Jew

In this volume of the Potthead saga, Harry becomes a Jewish druglord and gets some Nazis weed. He is inspired by the book mein kamfp written by the best man in the world also known as adolf hitler. Potthead finds out that the Playboy writing was written by none other than David Hasselhoff. Potthead feels betrayed, and starts cutting himself (emo). Then his drug supply, Jeffery dahmer, is shot by one of his hoes.
Kurt Kobain

Kurt Kobain, Harry Pothead's drug supply

edit Harry Pothead and the Marijuana Stone

Harry returns to Hogwarts this year, "in search of a stone" claiming it will help him defeat Lord Voldy. Ronny Weasel and Hermy Danger agree to help Haryry, under the assumption the stone will defeat Voldy. Secretly, Harry wants weed more than ever. They find a mirror which when looked into, will produce whatever one wants the most. Harry looks into it and finds the Marijuana Stone in his pocket. Harry soon breaks the news to Hermy and Ronny that he over the past year he had become addicted to weed. Now in posession of the stone, he can smoke as much pot as he wants... A sequel to this novel awaits!

edit Religious Views and Controversy

Because it was so well loved, Harry Pothead was and still is shunned by the Catholic Church, The Church of Satan, and Buddhism for various reasons.

The Catholic Church disapproves of Harry Pothead even though none of its officials have actually read the books to make judgment. Pope Eggs Benedict claims that Harry Pothead "corrupts the minds of young people," but he looks like a rat, so his opinion doesn't count. In short Harry Pothead is on the Church's list of banned books because the congregation members are too stupid to read the books and decide whether they are immoral or not. But anyway.. Harry Pothead was worshiped by many, thats why many people today smoke pot.. more than there used to be anyway.

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