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Hard rock cafe started out as a simple tea shop originally called Pansies Pretty Tea located by speakers corner in London, England. It was a wonderful place to eat and had the best scones on the block, that was until someone spilled a cup of tea and sang a song about it. Up until now the little coffee shop only played classical music, due to the elegance of the shop and the beautiful agriculture around them. When people in the coffee shop heard this song they went nuts and smashed all the tea and threw all the remaining tea in the ocean, Boston was a band that had a major role in throwing out the tea, thus this event became known as the Boston tea party. Upon further analysis of this song it has been concluded that the lyrics were "AHHHHHH, my teas been split, now I've gone mad, I tried and tried, and I can all I can, but this stupid mediocre establishment can't hold me, Whose with me, were going insane, all over a cup of tea." Although it is hard to tell because of all of the distortion. From this point on the cafe manager decided it was time to succumb to the awesomeness of all rock music, and pansies pretty tea transformed into Hard Rock Cafe.

edit Members of staff

While vising the original Hard Rock Cafe you might encounter a sexy beast named Harry. That is all that needs to be said about this topic.

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