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“In England they're better known as the Conservative party.”
~ Oscar Wilde on the Handicapped

“And now, will y'all stand and be recognized.”
~ Gib Lewis, Texas Speaker of the House, to a group of people in wheelchairs on Disability Day
“Are those the people we executed on thursday.”
~ An average texan. on Handicapped
“Mines 22 on a good day!”
~ Captain Oblivious on his Handicap

The Handicapped are women with a psychological disorder who revere distorted body images made popular by the modern media.


Sashes with words printed on them make the handicapped feel special.

Horn Broken, Look for Finger


Not only does it hurt, but it always happens to me!"

One universal quality possessed by the handicapped is their inability to pilot any kind of motor vehicle. They're too slow when you want to go fast, stop suddenly when you want to pull out, and won’t go all the way. If you notice the car in front of you has a handicapped symbol on its license plate, prepare yourself for a bad time, a real bad time, like dry humping bad.

You must remember though, that they're special people, and the conversation they're having on their cell phone with their dietician is certainly more urgent than any hospital they're trying to reach.

Ribbed for Her Pleasure


Those who can, do; those who can't find employment in the fast food industry.

Famous porno-economist lesbians proposed that the handicapped should be exploited on a macro level, because the shit for sexual gratification would always overwhelm the specific micro demands of the individual. Every human has babies, despite what each one of them might like to do or not do with them.

The handicapped were quickly shoved into movie studios in Burbank, California to realize their full potential. For some, this was a relief from the cheesey porn stars of the late 1970s. For others, this was just another type of relief, and required the same amount of Kleenex as before.

Handicapped Who’ve Defied the Odds and Avoided Work in Porno

Name and Shame Those Who Mock the Disabled

  • Andrew Mason from Tipton.
  • Lukas Romanowski from Leicester

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