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Halloween 4: The Nap of Michael Myers.
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“This film is absolutely Oscar-worthy. It's a shame the Academy had to snub it. This was such a magnificent achievement captured on film.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Halloween 4: Michael Myers Is Done Napping

Halloween 4: Michael Myers Is Done Napping is the fourth film in the Halloween Series of musical horror films. Since the Michael Myers storyline was completely missing from Halloween III, the producers decided they had no choice but to bring Michael back in some way, shape, or form. The year was 1988 and it had been ten years since the original Halloween from 1978. The only people who came back were Vincent Price as Dr. Loomis and Mike Myers as Michael Myers. The film was a surprise hit without the original cast or crew.

edit Plot

After the horrific events of Halloween and Halloween II, Michael Myers wakes up from his decade-long nap to find out that this little girl is trying to sell girl scout cookies... and you know how much Michael loves cookies. The girl turns out to be Michael's seven-year-old niece, Jamie Lloyd. Laurie Strode and her husband, Christopher Lloyd, mysteriously vanished without a trace.

Unlike Halloween II, people actually get killed off in this film, mostly rednecks and Myers relatives. This film also incorporates more violence and gore than in previous installments.

Once again, Loomis stops Michael and leaves him for dead. But the dude just won't die! Then we see somebody kill somebody, but it isn't Michael... it's Jamie, in a surprise twist! Loomis goes ballistic saying, "NOOOOOO! Dammit, Noooooo! The evil won't die!" just like he does in all of the other movies, to almost comedic effect.

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