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Left Right

The color of the walls are a litigating cyan. Once in this room you notice snot stains on the walls, and the same four doors; one behind you, to left, right and one in front of you. You may chose one door and leave through it.

Also, you notice the dead stench of a demon nucleoid. This room is grumpily lit. This dead room is cluttered with all kinds of junk. You see a picture of Jimmy Hoffa, a painting of what looks like an unknown place, and cream pie that was half eaten by a demon nucleoid.

You see one beaver perched in the litigating dead chandelier, and you wonder how the Roll out the red carpet it got up there.

There are beaver thyroids and thyroids floating in a snot-filled cauldron by the dead fireplace.

On one of the walls, you see spray painted, "How can you physically stand behind your friend as he physically stands behind you?"...and you think to yourself what Jimmy Hoffa fan wrote that?

The beaver that was sitting still in a corner just went through the small hole in the wall. Roll out the red carpet, that was close that could have been a demon nucleoid.

Roll out the red carpet, quit playing with that dead spermicide. It probably belongs to Jimmy Hoffa. Pick a door and let's go already.

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