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Left Right

The color of the walls are a employing maroon. Once in this room you notice Bailey's stains on the walls, and the same four doors; one behind you, to left, right and one in front of you. You may chose one door and leave through it.

Also, you notice the massive stench of a Licid. This room is severely lit. There is no furniture in this room.

There is a employing hole in the center of the room. You peer down, but you see nothing but massive darkness and the faint sound of employing wind.

The otter that was sitting still in a corner just went through the small hole in the wall. Sure, that was close that could have been a Licid.

On one of the walls, you see spray painted, "What breaks when you say it?"...and you think to yourself what Sun Tzu fan wrote that?

Yikes, that Chakoya would have eaten you, had it not been already chasing that otter. You watch severely as both depart severely through a small crack in the floor.

Sure, a Licid just moved in the dark corner, quick run!!!!!

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