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HHhaarrraannggmMM is the Apple MAC OS Startup Sound


MAC OS Startup Sound

edit Media:Mac-startup.mp3

This is the grand sound that an Apple computer proudly makes on startup. It was recorded by Orson Welles during his infamous 1938 production of "War of the Worlds". The sound effect was used by Welles to signify a Martian emerging from his spacecraft. It was next used in World War II by Tokyo Rose to harrass the American troops into eating raw fish, and thus almost defeating the Allied forces singlehandidly (until that guy Truman let loose with his blunderbusters).

The sound was later used by The Beatles to lure the world's youths to the dark side of marijuana and sacred mushroom addiction. As the Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, once told a Rock historian from Rolling Stone, "Sir Pete Best came up with this sound from someplace, and John and Paul really grooved on it, and said 'We can use this to corrupt the youths!'. And that's just what we did."

The sound traveled, usually at the speed of sound, and finally arrived at the door of Steve Jobs. He answered the door, invited the sound in, and began to use it on his Apple Computers. There, it has continued to corrupt the world's youth, defeat the allies, scare children, and convince shut-ins that the Martians, indeed, are attacking in record numbers.

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