Gulf War I (video game)

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War: [[Image:ICOKuwait.png]][[Image:ICOUnited States of America.png]][[Image:ICOUnited Kingdom.png]][[Image:ICOCanada.png]][[Image:ICOBangladesh.png]][[Image:ICOEgypt.png]][[Image:ICOFrance.png]][[Image:ICOSyria.png]][[Image:ICOMorocco.png]][[Image:ICOOman.png]][[Image:ICOPakistan.png]][[Image:ICOItaly.png]][[Image:ICOQatar.png]][[Image:ICOUnited Arab Emirates.png]][[Image:ICOSaudi Arabia.png]][[Image:ICOAustralia.png]][[Image:ICONew Zealand.png]][[Image:ICOPoland.png]] vs. [[Image:ICOIraq.png]]

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Video Game Wars


In Development

War: ICOKuwaitICOUnited States of AmericaICOUnited KingdomICOCanadaICOBangladeshICOEgyptICOFranceICOSyriaICOMoroccoICOOmanICOPakistanICOItalyICOQatarICOUnited Arab EmiratesICOSaudi ArabiaICOAustraliaICONew ZealandICOPoland vs. ICOIraq

edit Invasion

*Welcome to #Kuwait!*

*iRaq has entered the game*

iRaq: dont fukin touch r oil n00bs

QWait: fuk u

QWait: gimme my $ back

iRaq: stfu or be pwn3d

*iRaq has occupied QWait!*

iRaq: U BEN PWN3d!!!!!!111111!!1

*Arab584 has entered the game*

*Daddypilot has entered the game*

Arab584: get the fuk out

Daddypilot: yeh, we t3h 1337, we'll pwnz u

*Co4li7i0n has entered the game*

*UN is no longer idle*

Co4li7i0n: fuk you iRaq!!!11111

iRaq: QWait iz rs now pwns1

iRaq: ur next Arab584


*Co4li7i0n is now in Saudi Arabia*


Co4li7i0n: fuk you iraq!!!11111

Co4li7i0n: u wil b haxord

edit Desert Storm

*Co4li7i0n bombs iRaq!*

*74 damage to iRaq!*

iRaq: WTF!?!?!/1

iRaq: y 'fight' butn bloked out?

*42 damage to iRaq!*

iRaq: y cnt i do nything????????????

Daddypilot: Cuz we pwn Biatch

*75 damage to iRaq!*

*44 damage to iRaq!*

*59 damage to iRaq!*

*63 damage to iRaq!*

*25 damage to iRaq!*

*49 damage to iRaq!*

iRaq: here wr r!!!

*iRaq bombs Israel!*

*0.03 damage to Israel!*

iRaq: cmon isreal

*Israel remains idle*

iRaq: GODDAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!11111!11111!111111


*45 damage to iRaq!*

*iRaq bombs Co4li7i0n!*

*2 damage to Co4li7i0n!*

iRaq: WTF????

*47 damage to iRaq!*

*17 damage to iRaq!*

*Co4li7i0n attacks iRaq!*

*27 damage to iRaq!*

*iRaq's army flees!*

iRaq: u havnt wwon yet

*iRaq burns oil wells*

*iRaq has gone Idle*

Co4li7i0n: u piece of shit

*Oil wells extinguished*

*Kurds no longer idle*

*QWait respawns*

QWait: thx man

Co4li7i0n: no prob

Co4li7i0n: we r 1337!!!!1!1 u bin PWN3D l0ser!!!!!!

Daddypilot:Tolja we pwnz

*iRaq is no longer Idle*

iRaq: I g1v3 25m ta wheva pwnz Daddy!

Co4li7i0n: lmao sad

Daddypilot:Evry1 luvs me nubs

iRaq: Iv I h4d m0r cash ud be PWND, but ffs u kilded my nukes... DAMNIT!

Daddypilot:lmao Reprted

iRaq: I KILL j00!

*Co4li7i0n has left the game*

*Daddypilot has left the game*

*Blowjob entered the game*




*Next game: Gulf War II begins in 30 sec.*

Kurds: wtf? aint it over

Blowjob:DAMN... im neva gonna get ta do anythin :(

iRaq: fuk no

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