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The G.U.N. logo.

The Guardian of Undefended Nations (G.U.N.) is a non-profit international non-governmental origination dedicated to the aggressive preservation of sovereignty. We will give military support to any country that has its sovereignty threatened.

edit History

This organization was started by the grate grand father of Andrew P, John P who fought in the Boer wars. John later formed a mercenary company called the Gray watch which saw action in the Middle East during World War One, helped the Chinese in World War Two, aided in some colonial revolts in Africa, and helped hunt down Che Guevara in South America. In 1959 leadership of gray watch was inherited by Andrew P, who with the help of Allen G and financial help from Ben W. formed GUN to protect sovereignty every where. We have had successes in stopping civil wars in Africa, stopped the communistic uprising in Thailand, and we helped Israel with dealing with Lebanon. We would have gotten involved in the Vietnam War but the US did not allow us to get involved.

edit Pending Contracts

edit Antarctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean. A large and vast area at conflict. America, however refuses to acknowledge this claim. We, the organization called G.U.N., feel that military action is required to send America a message.

Our Strategy: place forces around the Northern Passage. Ships that land anywhere near there are forced to a search and seizure of any material not up to Canadian standards until America gives Canada sovereignty over the northern passage. This inconvenience will eventually win the Americans over to our side. If it does not we will attack America and, and make it the USGUN.

edit Darfur

Currently there is a vicious rebel uprising in Darfur, a region of Sudan. They are using whatever they can find, and using Guerrilla tactics. They are playing the political world to think that they are being oppressed when they are really not. The government of Sudan is using all it can to keep its rightful reign of its country.

Because of the stress placed on the government it has been forced to hire a group of mercenaries called the janjaweed to protect them. This did not succeed, so they had to go to the source. The janjaweed had to go in and kill the people who obviously would become part of the rebellion, the men. In the process the towns have been burnt down and civilians where killed. The rebellion is so barbaric that they do not care that their civilians are being killed.

GUN currently is trying to start communication with Sudan. If possible we would like to stop the problem with diplomacy, but because of the inhumanness of the rebellion that will probably not happen. We have an attack plan to use to go in and take out the rebellion. We would like to deploy a couple of battalion of foot troops and create a defensive buffer zone between the defensive government and the rebellion. One the buffer zone is manned by the rightful government we would take the battle to the rebels. We would have infantry and air support.

edit Space Colony ARK

We've already kicked it's ass. But a pissed off hedgehog has blown up our robots. Regarding this incident, it is believed that Chuck Norris maybe our only hope.

edit Arms

We arm our men with may things, from on grenades to RPG's. Each has a suicide pill, a satilite phone, a side arm, a serrated knife, mustard gas bombs, mashchine gun/rifle/sniper rifle. They also have 6 arms (to carry all the equipment) and 4 legs with knees on their feet for extra stealth action.

We also use giant robots such as the Big Foot. Our most successful in the field of combat is the Heavy Dog or Blue Falcon. We are currently beginning use of the newest weapon of this type, Diablon.

edit Divine Backing of Cthulu

We praise Cthulu. Cthulu is our holy matron of death. He backs us, protects us, and helps us. He helps us acheve out goals and makes us able to do his bidding, helping sovereignty. He sacrifice and drink the blood of our captured enemies in the name of Cthulu

edit Website

We are currently making a new website, so we have none to show.

edit Donations

We are in constant need of help so pleases give donations in the form of money, guns, ammunitions, or nonperishable food stuff.

edit Joining GUN

To join gun you have to prove your worth. You have to accomplish the EIGHT TASKS:

  1. Prove that you have killed a Human Before.
  2. Battle in the GUN arena and disarm a Member of GUN.
  3. Go out into the fray and kill one enemy.
  4. Sarifice his corps to Cthulu.
  5. Drink the blood of the enemy.
  6. Fall of a cliff.
  7. If you survive try several more times.
  8. Welcome to GUN.
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