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“Grownups, more than anyone else, are hopelessly immature.”
~ Oscar Wilde on grownups

“Screw that shit!”
~ Peter Pan on growing up

A grownup is someone who does not let you do what you want to do. they own the whole world. Their mean and smelly and don't like kids. They really tick me off!

edit Ed Immology

The word "grownup" comes from two routes: grow (to get old and ugly) and nup (which is from nubere which means to get married have kids and no fun). Together these two eddy-mons give the meaning to get old and ugly and married and then have kids that arn't old or ugly.

edit What is a grownup?

Grownups is what happens when someone stops having fun. They get old and grouchy and always mess up what nice young people do. Next time you see a grownup tell them they can go to "h" "e" "double hocky stiks"! That's where they deserve to go anyways. Whenever we do anything our way grownups yell at us and don't let us have desert. Their so mean and I just wish this whole world was just playgrounds and candy and comic books and cartoons and toys and eksetteruh. Then the whole world would be happy and we wouldn't fight and we wouldn't give homework or make people eat there vegetables or make people take naps. When I was little I used to not know anything but now I'm older and I can reed and rite and spel so I can make it on my own now.

edit What to do with grownups?

Lets all gang up on them and take they're credit cards and joolry and go buy lots of things and just have fun. Since that's what they don't want us to do wi'll do it then. This is what I want! I want the world write now! And it'll be ALLLLLLLL mine! There's no place like home! Just imagine the whole wide world being nothing but fun all the time! I'd never get tired of that! That's why we need to get rid of grownups wants and for all.

edit Who will be our leader?

I think our leader should be someone special. I don't think it should be Santa Claws because people say you better watch out, you better not cry when they tell us about him and I think he's probly in on it with the grownups so it cannot be him. Therefore it should be nun other then Peter Pan! Afterall he is a kid just like us! So he knows how to take care of us when its lightning and when a monster tries to get us and everything cause he can do it all. Remember that all you half to do is think happy thoughts and your wishes will come true! I think he has enough pixee dust for all of us but if he doesn't we can share with each other. So I declare Peter Pan as our leader!

edit What our world will be like?

No school. No homework. No chores. No spankings. No maths. No health-food. No politix. No coffee. And NO GROWNUPS!

edit What our world will look like?

I haven't done any drawings yet but it'll be beautiful. (In the meantime, you can see an example of Bongo's Dreamhouse in the book "School is Hell".)

edit Pictures of Peter Pan

to be added (which is something grownups say)

edit Famous grownups

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