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Gravity slender

Just north of normal, west of weird, east of erie, and south of demented.

Gravity Falls (also known colloquially as Gravy Falls) is an American animated series created by Alex Hirsch. It is hailed as the greatest cartoon ever to air on Disney, despite its frequent use of hidden messages and ability to give small children nightmares in the dark.


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The series takes place in Gravity Falls, a town situated in the middle of Oregon. It depicts the misadventures of two twin siblings whose summer plans were trashed by their parents, and now must cope with living in a museum filled with dead animals being run by their creepy old uncle.

The town itself is apparently haunted by ghosts, monsters, hippies, and other supernatural elements (much like Scooby Doo, minus the talking dog and lunatics running around in cheap costumes). Yet the inhabitants are blissfully unaware of any of it and the twins are the only few people who realize the danger their parents have left them in. Luckily, they are aided with a book of secrets - surprisingly not a book about obscenities which is used by the perverted reader to masturbate on - which mentions facts about the paranormal phenomena of Gravity Falls.

At the end credits of every episode, a message is shown in cryptogram format. Usually it is something random, or a sort of innuendo for the adults to laugh at while the younger viewers remain gluing their eyes to the TV screen.


Gravity falls

The main characters of Gravity Falls about to be consumed by a mutated guinea pig.

Main cast

  • Dipper Pines: The protagonist of the series, Dipper is a kid who was named for his dipping habits. He is just about the smartest and wimpiest character in Gravity Falls and usually the first person to deal with its many unusual anomalies. He uses the book of secrets, which he found in the middle of the woods, to deal with such things. Dipper is sworn to keep this book from entering the wrong hands, like Gideon or a potential perverted reader, as well as keep his sister out of harm's way.
  • Mabel Pines: Dipper's naive, slightly retarded, sister who loves cute boys and anything cuddly. She constantly annoys her brother with her antics, girly friends, and knack of getting him into trouble. She is also the only person besides Dipper, Wendy, and Soos to know about the paranormal creatures which terrify them on a daily basis. Once she almost got married to a pack of garden gnomes which Dipper foolishly thought was a zombie at first.
  • Stan Pines: Great uncle, or grunkle Stan, is the guardian of Dipper and Mabel. He is basically a taller, uglier version of that old guy from Up. He owns a scrappy museum called the Mystery Shack, which is really just his house decorated with stuffed animals and other phony stuff. The one thing mysterious about it is how gullible the townsfolk are to fall for its displays. Ironically for someone interested in the paranormal, Stan never notices the actual monsters roaming the area because of his money fetish. According to the book of secrets, Stan is not what he seems.
  • Soos: One of the Mystery Shack's few employees, Seuss Soos is a chubby man-child who says "Dude" in every sentence, just to sound cool. He also wrote a book about a human-sized talking cat that wears a long striped sock on its head.
  • Wendy Corduroy: A red-headed teenage chick who also works at the Mystery Shack. Dipper has a crush on her, despite being three years younger and typical harassment from her goth boyfriend.


  • Waddles: A pig that Mabel bought from the state fair without her family's consent. Despite its name, it doesn't actually waddle but looks like it does when picked up.
  • Lil' Gideon: The main antagonist of the series, Gideon is a kid-like midget who thinks he has psychic powers. He has planned to take over the Mystery Shack ever since a failed attempt to do Mabel.
  • Robbie: The local goth boy. He and Dipper compete for Wendy's affection as nobody finds it weird for a 12-year old to date a 15-year old. Once he tried to force Wendy into making love with him using a song with a hidden mind-controlling message. That didn't turn out too well.
  • Pacifica Northwest: Some little blonde bitch who makes fun of Mabel and her few friends. At least they have actual names, as opposed to being named after an area of seawater with an "A" at the end.
  • Old Man McGucket: An even creepier old man than Stan, having a long thick beard which may very well be hiding a third arm. He is the town psychopath, known for acting completely mental, building mechanical monsters, and even trying to eat Soos.
  • Everyone else: These include lesser-known characters such as Sheriff Blubs, Deputy Durland, Manly Dan, etc., and most of the supernatural creatures.

Critical reception


Nyan cat ain't got shit on this.

Gravity Falls currently receives universal acclaim, which is a big surprise considering what the Disney Channel has come to these days. Not only do critics like it, but it has been called one of the few modern day cartoons that won't rot your children's brain cells[1].

Oscar Wilde describes it as a combination of Scooby Doo, Regular Show, and Adventure Time. Disney itself is proud to finally have another hit animated series on their TV spot just as their only other good cartoon was hogging up all the attention from their more inferior programming.

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  1. Gravity Falls is the smartest cartoon on television
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