Thrawn Moustache

Occupation: Imperial
Weapon of Choice: Intellect, some Noghri dude who ends up killing him, a blaster pistol
Status:Dead, unless you listen to Disney, in which case he is alive
Created By: Timothy Zahn


The character of Thrawn began when somebody realized that all imperials are stupider than dummys. He made the character blue because WHY NOT. He also decided that since all good characters have imperfections, Thrawn doesn’t sleep very much and has red eyes. He wrote about how Thrawn has banished to the unknown regions of the galaxy because most of the Empire is racist against aliens, and the Thrawn comes back after the Empire is all but destroyed, leading Gilad Pellaeon and the last of the Empire. Thrawn then went up against all your favorite Star Wars heroes, such as Han Solo, Carrie Fisher, C-3PO, and, of course, Lobot, into a new Star Wars book titled Heir to the Empire.

He quietly changed having red eyes because of sleep problems after the first book when he realized that people think that Thrawn and ONLY Thrawn should be a perfect character. He then wrote two sequels to the book, and called it a trilogy. In the third book, Timothy realized that a character with no flaws was invincible. To counter this, he quickly wrote in a bit about the Noghri, and decided that they would be Thrawn’s downfall.

The Hand Of ThrawnEdit

The Hand of Thrawn was a duology written by Zahn several years after the initial trilogy, as more people wanted to see Thrawn in another book. In the book series, three Imperials decide to make it seem like Thrawn is back. This made it so that everyone thought Thrawn was back, and due too this the second book sold just as well because everyone thought Thrawn would show up in THAT one. However, this did not happen either, although some of Thrawns old buddies showed up. All in all, it was just a ploy to make more money

Disney Thrawn booksEdit

After Disney took over Star Wars and changed the entire EU to become non-cannon, Thrawn was not in the Star Wars universe anymore. However, Disney knew that Thrawn had money to be made from him, so they brought him back in a bad TV show. However, Timothy Zahn was allowed to make a two books about Thrawn, and so in the first one, Thrawn, which was as imaginative title as every other Star Wars origin story, in which the Empire was racist to Thrawn because he was blue. This cuntinues even when he proves to be better than all of them, 12 times in a row. In the book Thrawn: Alliances, Emperor Palpatine sends Thrawn and Vader on a mission. They are both seen as equals throughout the book, but obvious are not, as only Vader has been on the big screen. Thrawn is teased by Darth Vader for getting beaten by the rebels, despite the fact the Vader just gave up after a two seasons, as the storyliners were too lazy to think up reason.

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Disney VersionEdit

The Disney version of the character is different in many ways. For one thing, Disney Thrawn has no flaws at all, much like every other character to appear in the new Disney Star Wars, but every single surrounding Imperial character is a complete and total idiot. This is due to the fact that Star Wars Rebels, a show made by the same guy who made Star Wars: Clone Wars, but somehow made Rebels a thousand times worse. In rebels the character has pupils, weird eyebrow things on his forehead, and a grudge against the main rebels of the series. In the book Thrawn: Alliances, Thrawn is teased by Darth Vader for getting beaten by the rebels, despite the fact the Vader just gave up after a two seasons, as the storyliners were too lazy to think up reason.