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Global society is a black and white term that has been used since the beginning of civilization as a philisophical concept and play word to what is now a concept taken very seriously by people, groups, hippies, corporations, Italian presidents and Unions of Nations. Interestingly the evolution of the idea of a Global society from a primitive concept to a full fledged modern concept has happened so transitionally that no one realised the complete change. Older emerging people used the idea to find a way to just passibly tolerate each other without yearly wars hacking each others heads off. The modern concept is an ideology used by people to pretend that they are not (deep down inside) extremely dirty racist judgemental superficial homophobic yet normal human beings.

edit Ancient China


The first Philosopher in recorded history on the subject of a global society was Kung Fu Tzu (confucious). Having been born in a province outside of the Kingdom where he advised leaders with his philosophy he was no stranger to tiptoeing around and being rather careful with his quicky ideas. The court would have laughed terribly if he had have pronounced his words in his local dialect. "I want the world to be free" pronounced naturally in his village speak would appear more like "My fathers tall height brings shame to my family in a nation of tiny people" (which ironically was true). He was a rather tall 5'2" for the middle kingdom, and was known to walk on his knees around higher officials and spent hours learning the court dialect to avoid comments that sounded more like "I gambled away all my money in Hong Kong last week". Though he preached a severe authoritarian and strict code of following ones father, ones leader, ones god ... he did manage to sneak in text that preached the bare minimum of accepting each other.

“While you may find a barbarian funny, and laugh at him, and call him names and reveal to him his inferiority, you shall not whip him more than 10 times on the back. We live in a larger (read global) kingdom (read society) and we cannot be overly cruel to all because people are so low, and lowly and dirt. Whip him ten times and then teach him the middle kingdom way.”
~ The anals of confucious 4.12.1

A very tolerant idea and drasticaly controversial for his time.

edit Greece


Plato learning about tolerance from his teacher

Meanwhile, a few centuries later Plato wrote down his teachers ideas (200 years later, therefore 200 years inferior to Chinese thought) in dialogues. Plato touched on many ideas about tolerence. Being a child molester of epic proportions (he spent an entire evening convincing all his friends that fondling a boy is the greatest expression of humanity [humanity meaning a man]). While his other rich and educated friends bought into it, preaching this to ordinary, poor and gruff Greeks was a hard job and he did so through thought maniupulation in his texts. By preaching tolerance of ideas and concepts and other peoples vaguely in dialogues where he always seemed to win, the effect wore on the people and Greeks from one village, radically different from those 2km away wearing a different shade of blue toga stopped stabbing each other. They even traded their togas and made money. Yes, by getting a couple extra slaves to copy his dialogues they became well read and somewhat followed as a way to sort of get along by not raiding each other and sacraficing each others daughters on alters to fickle and bemonious ref not an actual word /ref gods. It did somewhat well before the various wars decimated the Greek population by 3/4. But the texts lived on.

edit Roman Empire


Anyone could be Emperor if they gave the people the flavour of the week

The Roman Empire was a super racist and biggoted society where everyone was subject to constant ridicule. However the richer you were the more you were tolerated (and therefore quoted Plato). Emperors were known to pretend to tolerate anyone (as long as they did not revolt) and were also known to have a screw with anyone (that fit the current image of a sexual item). Anything was game, women, men, boys, girls, boy girls, threesomes, dark Carthinians, ginormously tall and alien looking white Scandinavians, extra hairy and stubby Iberians, slanty eyed people from way over there. Ideas came and went giving the image of tolerance and perhaps even a society as the city grew. Even slaves were known to become Emperors and they were respected (as long as they gave people below them the means and/or access to sex item of the week). It is perhaps this tolerance of a global society that brought the Roman Empire down itself

“Everyone needs rules and a target and or a scapegoat and if you don't offer one, you become it.”
~ Caesar before being stabbed in the back by Brutus who Ironically moved to Egypt, a very cosmopolitain society with slaves from every known country working together in a global mosaic.

edit A whiz history of Africa as a "Globalism"

Africa was a contained continent and therefore something of a global society before it was opened up. Africans got along rather well as they had a lot of space and didn't have much to do with each other. Encountering someone else, weird and different was uncommon and people avoided different people like the plague. Global indeed in the sense that they globally feared each other greatly. As the population grew, arriving Europeans dealt with the growing conflicts created by Africans running into each other more by borrowing them from their continents and tagging them along to their new experiements in a grander global society in other contients. The idea spread and people were listening. Global society became something spoken of and unstoppable.

edit Global society and world war II


Nothing was more global than one continent spreading is new ideas to all the other ones, opening up the minds and ears of others to what would be known as "society". Scratch my back and I will scratch yours (some time later perhaps when we give you outsourced call centers or air condiioned shoe making factories for instance). As cultures met each other, as some grew in wealth, as they tried each others coffee and sang each others catchy tunes (like Beethovens ode to Joy) people stapped on their guns with enthusiams as they all globally agreed to blow the fuck out of each other in mind numbingly increasing ferocity and gore. One mustached man even thought about creating a very special global society where his own specific ideas and solutions would make everywhere just that extra bit special. Though he failed another competing nation attempted their solution for the creation of a global society by dropping an interesting new weapon (created by the convergence of a society of scientists from all countries, even from the place of the mustached man) and tried once and then twice to implement it with glowing, luminously mushroomly glowing intensity.

edit Globalization and the world Singing in perfect harmony

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Skip half a century later and look ... it all seemed to work, at least in the theory. While none of the actual experiments worked out quite as people thought it created the new vibe that changed the world. Borders seemed to disappear (Italians could fly to Paris for five euros return and get their croissants without having to even learn French as they all spoke embarrasingly bad but just sufficient English to get by).

  • Italian: I wanna dat you to me give for da crosent sil vu plat.
  • Frenchman: You wuuud laik de croisant on un plate?
  • Italian: No no no. Dat you givame da crosent per favore.
  • Frenchman: You want me tu sell it for four?
  • Italian: No no no no no! Giveme da crosent!
  • Frenchman: But you did not say pelease ;)
  • Italian: Va fan culo il Francese me rompe di palle
  • Frenchman: I do not lick your balls sir!
  • Italian: No you breake them!

And so forth. And as growing resources, jobs, the spreading out of ideas and education and money all traveling around at light speed the global society has given us the idea that we all seem to learn more about each other, understand each other better and we all get a chance to decide if Coca Cola or Pepsi is the best tasting carbonated sugar water as we see racism, homophobia, revoultion and civil war will seemingly go away, Ofcourse, while the global may have changed (being slightly more aware of a few more cultures and having a more detailed map of the world) the society hasn't. What started as a global idea designed to keep outsiders barely tolerated has become a term we use to pretend that we actually do get allong now, except ofcourse in the dirty countries where things ofcourse never change and probably never will.

“Save the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race”
~ Michael Jackson before his seventh "nose job".
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