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Girls are the young versions of anti men. If you do not what anti-men are, then I will tell you. Anti-men are the embodiment of everything that men are not. This even includes gender. As for the younger versions, they are primarily characterized by their smaller size, and overall less developed-ness. Some other defining characteristics include: 1) Spending overly long amounts of time of smart phones 2) Spending time doing step 1 3) Spending time being smaller than anti-men 4) None of the above

Origin: Girls were invented in 1642 by the then current pope of the Roman Catholic Church. He was bored that day, so he decided to pretend he was to quote: "The magical floaty guy" and he proceeded to create Golems out of clay, because, being from the Catholic Church, he was told to take any ideas involving religion from the Jewish people. The pope, and likewise all other Catholics were soulless copy cats. In grade school, they always copied over the shoulder of the Asian kid. After the Golems were invented, the pope primarily used them to do grunt work, such as lift things. After several days of oppression this way, the Golems rose up against the pope, and damaged his skull, thus causing why modern day religions are so stupid. After the idiot-ification of the pope, the Golems used their special magical powers to turn them selves into the type of humans known to modern day people as 'Girls'. They did this primarily because they liked how their new name sounded.

Modern Day Population: The current day population of 'Girls' totals in at just under 4. 3 to be exact. If this number sounds low, it is primarily because the Golems are currently hypnotizing you to think that there are many more than 3 girls in the world. This is a propaganda campaign designed to convince the common person that there are far more than 3 girls currently inhabiting the world.

Government system: The 3 girls are living in the center of Antarctica, under a dictatorship. One of the girls act as supreme overlord ruler of all, and the others just walk 50 feet away, cause she smells.

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