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Gilbert Gottfried

“See, he was happy... once... ”
~ Gilbert's Mother on her mistake

Gilbert Gottfried is an American comedian, actor and voice artist. He is the racially-ambiguous son of Steven Gottfried and a stuck-up, annoying Peking Duck entree. He is also known as the irritating voice behind thinly-veiled stereotypical characters in almost every other Disney animation film. Gottfried was voted "Sexiest Man" from Details Magazine for nine consecutive years. Being the son of a Peking Duck entree, his voice possesses a highly-distinguished mating call. This call, which was unknown by scientists to arouse a primitive part of a woman's sexual cortex, has forced Gottfried to pursue a life in show business. His voice is currently under analysis by scientists at M.I.T. while edited into hundreds of AFLAC TV commercials.

His loud, degrading racial humor, approaching minstrel blackface rants, owes to his extensive comedy training with the Church of Scientology. Gottfried's attempts at absurdist, deconstructionist, intellectual forms of humor with no narrative nor logic are also part of his stand-up, even though despite such attempts, he dropped out of high school because he can't read.

In addition, most comedy fans worldwide mistake him for a martial arts stooge from any of Jackie Chan's movies.

edit Early mistakes

Gottfried was born on March 16th, 1926 in Asylum, Kansas in the toilet bowl of a Chinese restaurant. Once named by Time Magazine as The Sexiest Boy, Lifeform, Extraterrestrial or Otherwise (1935). He also won the Reader's Poll (1935) in an amazing landslide (of 3 out of 3 votes) for Smoothest, Sexiest Voice. However, after acquiring these amazing feats of hotness, Gottfried unfortunately hit puberty at the age of 33, which changed his voice (and his career) forever. His outer appearance, however, was untouchable.

edit Recovery


Gilbert Gottfried after the fatal battle of wits with Chuck Norris in the 1975 IWC Tournament.

Gilbert tried to regain his astonishing sexiness through numerous hours at the gym which only resulted in him becoming an extremely buff, but highly ugly, unattractive man. However, this did not hinder his pursuit of fame and fortune. In 1975, he entered the Intergalactic Wrestling Championship (IWC) in which he defeated Ahnold Schwartzengerman, Screech, and the impeccable George Cloontang. He could not best the Chuck Norris challenge and was hospitalized for several years after suffering a near lethal roundhouse kick to the squeelyspooch.

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Gilbert Gottfried.

After several humiliating years of rehabilitation, Gilbert got addicted to Vicodin and dildo worship with Halle Berry. Although the didoes were soon found out to be only a pack of frozen Farmer John hot dogs, it is noted that he was addicted to them.

The Vicodin addiction soon became a problem until he held up the White House with a nuclear weapon (soon to be found out as the new Metal Gear Sea Cucumber) for three bottles of Vicodin and a package of Oscar Meyer microwaveable hot dogs. Sadly, Gilbert soon began his steady decent into despair, in which he was soon living out of a dumpster wasting all his money on booze, hot dogs, and chicken chow mein.

155113 machinist l

Gilbert before his long recovery back to the top.

That was until he found a "new light" where he was picked up by a group of people known as $cientologists. This group brought Gilbert back to health and became a new role model for Gilbert. Even after 15 years later when he arrested several $cientologists for narcotic dealings, he still thought of each and everyone of them as his savior.

Soon after, Gilbert got into acting where he now stays, playing roles in famous B-movies and making appearances on such shows as Oprah and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as "Loud Tiny Asian Man."

edit Additional information

edit D.O.B.

At one point, Gilbert Gottfried was a giant lobster, and was eaten by Henry VIII. He became a giant turd that morphed into the present day creature. However, due to complications, no one on this planet (or any other galaxy) knows, but he is rumored to have been born as far back as the 1st century. However, in other universes (see above), his D.O.B. is known to all.

225px-Andrew Jackson Sully

Gilbert's father, the dastardly fiend in his best Sunday suit.

edit Father abandonment

During early childhood, Gilbert awoke one cold winter morning to the closing of the front (and only) door. He rushed to the door and yelled to his fleetly moving father who was never seen by the poor child again. However, recent discoveries have come up announcing that Gottfried's father Andrew Jackson indeed did abandon him, leaving him alone in the log cabin on that February morning, but also raided the fridge before he left, and ordered an airstrike on the log cabin, only to hit its target 200 years later, due to the non-existence of airstrike capabilities in the era.

The response to the air strike caused the October 2007 brush fires in California; luckily the government quickly acted and found a stray hiker to blame it on, because the government is perfect.

edit World records

Gilbert Gottfried currently holds two world records. One is the record of living in a log cabin for 200 years with no food, and the other is surviving an air strike targeted on a log cabin, both which are formidable and unlikely to be surpassed.

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