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Watto: Italian hoodlum? Or “greedy Jew”?

Racism in Star Wars is a tendency that was first seen in the prequel The Phantom Menace. Most notably, Jar Jar Binks, as creator George Lucas himself acknowledged, is based on such African American stereotypes as Stepin Fetchit, Amos and Andy, and "Jamaicans, mon."


Lucas had denied that Jar Jar is Jamaican. "How in the world could you mistake an orange amphibian for a Jamaican?" Lucas asked. "Pretending a brother is an amphibian by making him orange is an even greater insult," Reverend Jesse Jackson argues. Likewise, Reverend Al Sharpton suggests that "All you have to do is listen to the jive-ass fool. I mean, the dude speaks ebonics, man." In the film that followed The Phantom Menace, Lucas sought, unsuccessfully, to defuse the charges of racism by making Jar Jar green with purple spots.

Long standing accusations that having a black voice actor is what made Darth Vader evil where proven false when it was revealed that behind his masked facade he was just a whiny white teenager; James Earl Jones is just what made him imposing and admirable, and not just another mute with a knife or an asthmatic robot.


Italian-Americans and Jews also accuse Lucas of racism because of his portrayal of another Phantom Menace character, Watto, a slave trader. Italian-Americans see a suspiciously close parallel between Watto and Mafia lords of Italian or Sicilian descent. Actor Sylvester Stallone is outraged about the implied ethnic slur. "Ehh! Why wusn't uh asked tu duh da voice?" he demands.

Others claim that Watto is not a slam against Italian-Americans but view him as a caricature of "the greedy Jew." Woody Allen objects to this treatment, saying, of Lucas, "The Gentile shtickicker stole my shtick!"


Hispanics believe that Lucas has attacked them, too, in his portrayal of bounty hunter Jango Fett and an army of clones as Latinos (i. e., illegal immigrants.) The actor who portrays Jango Fett is a native of New Zealand of course so it may be that the racism is directed towards "barbaric" warrior tribes of native people like the Maori.


In the Phantom Menace, the accents of The Trade Federation officials, namely Viceroy Nute Gunray, have distinctive stereotypically broken Asian English accents. No Asians have ever played a major role in any of the franchise's releases. Only one briefly seen (prepare your freeze frame skills) female Asian has ever been cast as a Jedi, much less a master, despite the fact that a majority of those concepts of "The Force" were derived from ancient Asian martial arts, religions and philosophies.

Midgets and Dwarfs

Midgets and dwarfs are also up in arms over Lucas' stereotypical and biased treatment of them as "insignificant little people." In The Wizard of Oz, it was the Munchkins," the late "height-challenged" actor Billy Bart's family declares, "which was bad enough, but, now, with Lucas, we're portrayed by the likes of Yoda, a little man with a big heart and brain--come on! Give us a break! Make us evil. Make us powerful! Reveal Darth Vader is actually Luke's father and his mother, secretly two dwarves, one standing on the other's shoulders!

“Woman Basher”

Chewy and Leia

Lucas's temptress-whore-princess, Leia

Lucas is a “ misogynistic woman basher” according to the radical feminist group, N. O. W. “In Lucas’ films, women are schizophrenic, multiple personalities, playing either the sexy seductress, who tempts the pure-hearted hero to commit a wrong, as Leia does by kissing her brother Luke. Women can be more than temptresses. whores, or princesses; they can just as well be Monica Lewinsky or Hillary Clinton.”

Other intended targets

For future movies, Lucas intends to attack Native Americans, Pacific Islander's, and all others whom he regards as "results of miscegenation." Star Wars, he says, is America's "last hope" in alerting moviegoers of the "evils of race mixing," contending "we need to keep the races and ethnic groups separate," he contends, "or we won't have any races and ethnic groups to mine for their ancestors sense of style." He has another sweeping epic in production, The Fourth Reich, in which Adolph Hitler grows a complete mustache as he determines, once again, to usher in the "master race." Will Lucas' Nazis look like Mr. Spock or will they have blond hair, blue eyes, and a Nordic complexion? And, by the way, didn't Star Wars also contain characters called Storm Troopers?

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