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== The Crime ==
== The Crime ==
Finally, on December 24, 1946, a bank examiner payed a surprise visit to Mr. Bailey's pro-socialist organization, the ''Bailey Bros. Building and Loan''. Upon examination of the organization's financial records, a sum of $8,000 was discovered to be missing from the books. When the bank examiner attempted to question Mr. Bailey about the matter, George reportedly dogged the questions and left the building in a violent rage with his business partner, [[Uncle Billy]].
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[[Image:Bailey_temper.jpg|thumb|George Bailey loses his temper after the authorities learn of his criminal activities.]]
Later that day, Mr. Bailey was said to have physically abused his Uncle Billy and verbally abused his wife and children when he returned to his home that night. When Mary Bailey was later pursued for interviews by the major news networks, she issued the following press statement before breaking out into tears:
:''I didn't know what was wrong with him that day or what I should do about it. I asked him what was wrong, and he just yelled back at me, "Everything's wrong! Why do we have to have all these kids?" Before I could find out what was the matter, he was knocking over our furniture and throwing paper everywhere. He even made our daughter Janie cry, so I told him to leave. And he did. Next time I saw him, an officer was issuing him an arrest warrant. I didn't know what to do...''
Shortly after the aforementioned incident, George Bailey disappeared for several hours without a trace. It wasn't until early the next morning that witnesses saw George running down the streets of Bedford Falls, yelling "Merry Christmas" to various inanimate objects, including a movie theater, a local emporium, and a couple of parked cars.
George returned to his home, repeatedly shouted the name of his wife. He burst into the front door, only to be welcomed by the bank examiner, a police officer, and a set of reporters. The officer issued Mr. Bailey an [[arrest warrant]] and slapped handcuffs on the criminal just as Mary Bailey came running into the house. George was hauled away in a squad car as his family was left behind in tears. George was thrown in jail for a number of months before facing trial in the landmark case of ''State of New York v. George Bailey''.
== The Trial ==
== The Trial ==

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