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Armisticetrain (slight crop)

Following the battle of Geonosis work resumed on their doomsday weapon uninterrupted until signing it over in an armistice with the newly formed Galactic Empire, ending the convoluted first great Star War.

Capital Cities Mecca
Terrain Rocks and some sand.
Region of the Universe Middle East galaxy near Tatooine .
Native Species CGI bugs.
Official Language Arabic: the sound of flying foxes and penguins mating.
Major Imports Exotic animals for gladiatorial games.
Major Exports Battle droids, Deathstars, Islamaphobia, confusion.

Geonosis is an arid plainet with less than 5% surface water, it's surface pocked with plot holes left from orbiting asteroid belt impacts. Despite it's seemingly barren, industrially undeveloped outer appearance, the arid world of Geonosis featured some of the most prominent underground arm market manufacturing industry in the galaxy, both literal and metaphorical sense. It housed the factories that constructed the B1 battle droid used n the invasion of Naboo, and throughout the clone wars and the first five years of imperial rule it was site of the Death Star's super top secret construction.

edit History

The Geonosian hive queen Karina's heart, (err what ever organ it is that pumps bug juices), was captured by the fallen Jedi Lawrence of Arabia, when he was invited by Archduke Poggle the Lesser to the summit for the heads of the Confederacy of Independent Shitheads, in reaction to Senator Padme Amidalla's tyrannical call to limit the sale of semi automatic battle droids to children.

When they aren't building battle droids and blasters, the Geonosians are entertained by a menagerie of animals sacrificed for their amusement in the gladiatorial arena, distracting them from the fact that like many third world factories, most of the workers are too poor to afford any of the droids they make deep underground in poorly ventilated foundries.

The planet was taken from the Separatists following the second battle of Geonosis, where countless clones sacrificed their lives to destroy the Confederacies' dreaded super weapons...caterpillar tanks. Fortunately the republic ignored their enemies real doomsday weapon apparently under construction in orbit using the planet's asteroid ring or something, and never bothered to attack it, probably knowing it was a colossal waste of man bug power and resources. Anakin and Obi-Wan fought through a swarm of Geonosian brain parasites, they'd neglected to use before, much like R2's rocket boosters. The Jedi wisely presented Karina to the galactic senate to stand trial for war crimes and as they wisely did for all their enemies involved in ongoing investigations buried her and found no further clues to the existence of the planets new 16th moon. Apparently the queen wasn't the only one who was blinded that day, Obi-Wan and Anakin must have been like Jedi master Zatoichi, that or maybe the Death Star had a cloaking device that it never used again.

The Geonosians became an endangered species, narrowly surviving the sterilization of most of their planet after Imperial citizens found out that their symbol of xenophobic military might was built by bug people. Like many of the republic's disenfranchised CGI species, like the Kaminoans, the Geonosians were a hassle to insert into later episodes made in the 70's before computer imagery was the industry norm or during a resurgence of practical effects reacting to the over use of green screen. Calls were made galaxy wide for CGI genocide by Imperial Youth eager to fight another poorly explained war where no one really know's nor cares what the two sides political differences actually consist of.

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