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Geometry Set is an extremely popular TV series that features action, suspense and organized crime. It has become a worldwide success and has been translated into many languages. The incredible and unwarranted success of this show has even created a cult in otherwise law-abiding, TV-watching viewers. It was aired on the NBC for six years straight before all actors faked their own deaths to get out of their contracts and move on to something better.

edit Premise


Peter Pencil on Geometry Set

The show revolves around the quiet and peaceful city of Supplies and the adventures of its pencil-legged detective Mr. Compass. Each episode usually centres on how Mr. Compass, along with his beautiful secretary Miss Divider foils the nefarious plans of Supplies' resident evil scientist, Dr. Sharpener and his half-cyborg-half-eraser accomplice Erasetron and saves the innocent pens and pencils of Supplies.

edit Characters

edit Mr.Compass

The hero of the series, Mr. Compass is an efficient detective who is said to have lost his leg in one of his life-threatening battles with the evil Dr. Sharpener. Not to be let down by this unfortunate incident, he uses his pencil leg deftly and efficiently in his many battles against Dr. Sharpener and Erasetron. He also uses his robotic pencil leg to protect innocent pens, pencils, Miss Divider and occasionally himself from the Erasetron's Eraser-ray vision, which could otherwise obliterate any instrument that came even close to its trajectory. Dr. Sharpener often mocks him by calling him "A one-legged caliper", usually about 5 minutes before being Smacked out of screen with Mr. Compass' robotic pencil leg.

edit Miss Divider

Mr. Compass' beautiful and loyal secretary. As Dr. Sharpener once said to Peter Pencil, "She's the one with the long legs". Miss Divider's role in the series is often criticised by viewers as insignificant and rather pointless as she seems to do nothing except take down meaningless notes and be kidnapped. Dr. Sharpener, Erasetron and occasionally Percy the Protractor take turns kidnapping her. Defenders of Miss Divider's role point out that she is quite useful in making out with suitable workpieces. But, on hindsight, we can say her main role was just that of a pretty face. She has a secret crush on the brave and handsome Mr. Compass but her boyfriend, throughout the series, remains Mr. Vernier Caliper, black belt and Shihan.

edit Dr.Sharpener

Dr. Sharpener, Ph.D, is the borderline mentally unstable psychopath villain of the series. His main aim in life is to take over the entire town of Supplies using his specially designed rulers and set-squares and his personal Frankenstein's monster accomplice, Erasetron. Mr. Compass calls him "that hollow screw-legged jerk" but Erasetron respectfully calls him "Master", which is preferred by the evil scientist-sharpener.

edit Erasetron

" He doesnt have any brothers-only TRANS-SISTERS!!"

Dr. Sharpener's half-cyborg-half-eraser accomplice. Created by Dr. Sharpener in a lab accident(some episodes give a minor suggestion that Erasetron was Dr. Sharpener's last patient when he was working as a dentist.. and the drill slipped... and he became a brain doctor...crap like that... or Erasetron might just be some illegitimate child whom Dr. Sharpener picked up along the way to office), Erasetron is a favorite among viewers, noted for his stupid charms and naive, monotonous dialogues, usually in the lines of "May I kill you?"(this polite anomaly was corrected immediately by Dr.Sharpener), "Mmm..oil....Erasetron likey!"

edit Percy the Protractor

Occasionally featuring in the series, Percy the Protractor has the ability to protract himself to large angles. Unfortunately, his half-brother Harry the 180-Degree Protractor can only protract up to 180-degrees.

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