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Gay Byrne

Gay on his tricycle.

Gay Byrne (born 26 August 1876) is an Irish supervillain. He is well know or no longer well known for hosting that RTÉ show called The Lite Lite Show. Even though Gay was meant to retire in 1999, he still darkens Irish TV screens and radio sets.

Early life

Gay was born outside a gay bar on a street in Dublin in 1876. This is how he got his name. Gay went to the "Super Christian Bros. School" where the brothers were "very kind" to him, despite having the word gay in his name.

After school, Gay got a job clearing horse crap off the streets of Dublin which he did for 36 years. When RTÉ launched in 1926, Gay got a job there and the rest as they say is history.

RTÉ career

After joining RTÉ, Gay got his own radio show called Gay All Night! which say Gay talking a load crap for 3 hours every night of the week. However, the show was a huge success and continued to host the show until he went to host Catholic propaganda show called The Lite Lite Show in 1962. The show as you expect was a success for RTÉ.

Gay's time hosting The Lite Lite Show made him both loved and hated by the Irish public. The show had also made Ireland a laughing stock of the Liberal world. Gay announced his retirement from broadcasting in 1999 and handed the show over to old foe Pat Kenny. However, Gay never retired as RTÉ begged him not to go.

Gay has hosted crap RTÉ shows such as Gay Byrne's Music Show, Gay Live!, The Pope's Toilet with Gay Byrne and many more.

Private life

Gay's private life is unknown, however he is married and has children as the average Irish man would be. He is also seen spotted on his tricycle that he has owned since 1901.

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