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“The Geneva Convention bans such warfare, but who cares! It just means more boy-toy soldiers for me.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Gay bomb

Genetically scarred by high velocity glitter.

Since its invention in 1945, the US Army used the gay bomb on all its enemies, including: The Nazis, The Ruskies, The Viet Kong, Saddam and Al Gore.

Developed by Alan Turing as part of the San Fransisco project, the first gay bomb was dropped on Hiroshima by the Enola Gay. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese men and women absorbed massive amounts of yaoi, resulting in the nations birthrate plummeting and divorce rates skyrocketing.

In Vietnam, Agent Orange was coupled with Agent RAINBOW. The strategy backfired, the Viet Kong became nearly impossible to find due to their rapid advances in camouflage from increased color coordination.

edit Unanticipated Consequences

Prior to the banning of above ground gay bomb testing, the United States released tons of gaydioactive fallout into the atmosphere. Fearful of the homoerotic horror they had unleashed upon the earth, the U.S. air force sought a cure. This came in the form of the AIDS Bomb, a CIA canonized sexuality specific strain of the race triggered Syphon Filter virus; released into the ghettos through infected prostitutes. Unfortunately the virus mutated and started to infect people whose deaths actually mattered, heterosexual white women.

edit Future Projects

The Gay Bomb has sprouted many sister projects. An attempt at a straight bomb is currently being developed by the weapons designer Axe body spray. A lesbian bomb is also under construction by the poltergeist of Dr. Andrea Dworkin in her haunted bio-med lab.

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